21 Genius Inventions for People who love drink

Meet these 21 very original for those who love drink and be amazed by the creativity of people to meet their targets inventions. In this case, the power drink at any place or time.

The taste for alcohol, is nothing new. It has flourished through history, accompanying people more or less 5000 years ago as anthropological data. Because drinking alcohol and its effects were related to all of the gods.

So it is not uncommon, that through the years have arisen such curious inventions made to suit people who want to be in contact with alcohol anywhere, it is clear that suggest moderate drinking. But yeah, we must admit that many of these inventions would be really useful in some situations.

You like to drink? If so, we invite you to meet, and why not try some of these inventions for fans of the drink.

1. These glasses glow in the dark.


2. And this spring, will help the cans are not flip


3. With these magnets, you glue two beers a car without any problems


4. And you can always put a handle to your beer. Amazing


5. You can put key to your most expensive wines


6. And you can place your favorite drink at your feet.


7. Or take on your leg very elegant


8. Your phone will be the best partner with beer, with this handy bottle opener


9. And if you like to try something in the office, this tie is perfect.


10. And with this bracelet, any woman can access your favorite beverage.


11. Although the hairbrush can be another great option.


12. Or a lip, can be a discrete element in your portfolio.


13. For beach days, this bronzer be very useful.


14. It is not alcohol, it’s just a coke: D




15. And for men who like to go to sporting events with his beer, this could be an optioninventos-para-beber-alcohol-7

16. This day is really very special.


17. The best company of any bike.


18. And for those in the office, they want to cover up their cold beers.


19. The grandparents are not far behind, with this attractive cane.


20. And this mattress is ideal for any long journey.


20. And this mattress is ideal for any long journey….