15 beautiful cities when it snows

Christmas is come, the most beautiful time of year, and a benchmark for countries that are close to the poles, is the snow that surrounds them in certain seasons. For this reason, many (though not live in these areas) relate the snow with all this wonderful season, full of gifts and family meal.

Well, today I want to show these 15 cities that are simply magical when it snows. To enjoy happiness under 0 with these incredible images. Beyond the place where you live, you’ll dazzle you with these images that make you dream and believe they are in a different and very special world.

Living Christmas time, anywhere in the world, is fabulous. But with these images you see then you will be tempted to think that you visit these beautiful places in this time next year and yes, take the best photo postcard to all your friends and family.

1. New York


Esta ciudad es un hito mundial, todos relacionamos a New York, sea por la moda o por el Jazz o por otras tantas atracciones que tiene este lugar. Brodway entre otros, no puede pasar desapercibido. Y no hay nada más fantástico que todo eso, disfrutarlo en la época de invierno. Te sorprenderá la imagen de lo que puedas ver.

2. St. Petersburg, Russia


This charming city, with snow everywhere receive all winter. And with good coats because the average temperature is -5 degrees this season. But it’s worth, if you can meet with the Neva River and canals of the city, completely frozen. And you can make cultural visits palaces, museums and theaters in the city to help you pass the cold and enjoy the holiday season.

3. Chamonix, Francia


This place is known to all fans of mountaineering and mountain sports all the great scenery of nature. At the foot of the impressive Mont Blanc, this cosmopolitan city its architecture and supports varies mountain tourism. And it is a winter paradise.

4. Prague, Czech Republic.


This city could be defined as romantic, funny and beautiful. Simply magical. You’ll feel like a fairy tale through its cobblestone streets, historic buildings and other important places. And you can enjoy Christmas with its Christmas markets and the Vltava River

5. Edinburgh, Scotland


We can not assure that snow, but when it snows, this city becomes a photography site, ready for a postcard. With its medieval architecture and the castle in the city center. Edinburgh seems from another world, you will see the spiers completely covered in snow while Princes Street Gardens people skating on ice or gets on the wheel of fortune.

6. Salzburgo, Austria


Otra Joya invernal que debes conocer. Salzburgo, es patrimonio de la humanidad (su casco antiguo) por la UNESCO y conserva edificios de todas las épocas culturales de la humanidad. Puedes conocer la casa natal de Mozart, convertida en museo y la fortaleza Hohensalzburg.

7. Tromso, Norway


Practically on the Arctic Circle in northern Norway you’ll find the city of Tromso, considered one of the cultural centers of the country. In winter the sun does not appear at any time (it is known as the polar night lasts from November to January) Besides visiting the old part of the city, you can enjoy an incredible natural spectacle. The aurora borealis.

8. Washington DC, United States of América


And the US capital jump to our list, with its splendid winter. Ice skating at the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden is total. And to see the Christmas tree guarding the White House is simply magical, but in this city you will not leave short of things to do in these beautiful days.

9. Zurich, Switzerland


It is considered the city with the highest quality of life in the world, we do not know if so, what we do know is that Zurich is a perfect place to visit in winter whereabouts. Walk the old part very warm, and visit antique shops or any of its 50 museums, do not forget to go through the many markets in the city.

10. Bariloche, Argentina


If you are in summer and want something cool, you have to visit Bariloche, a city in Argentina with all the European style. It lies at the foot of the Andes and is ideal for all athletes in the snow. It’s just perfect.

11. Turin, Italy.


In the Alps you will find Turin, an authentic Italian paradise. Its streets full of history and energy, with buildings from all eras that demonstrate the cultural richness of this place. And of course you can ski all you want.

12. Toronto, Canadá


Marvel at the amazing CN Tower, with its more than 530 meters. You can also visit the historic district and the Hall of Fame Hockey Ice, a city to live and enjoy this winter.

13, Berlin, Germany


You can see in this city the anniversary of the fall of the Wall and all the cultural and historical part of this amazing place of contrasts. you will see all their finery and Christmas markets.

14 Innsbruck, Austria


It is considered another winter capital has been 3 times host the Winter Olympics. It has all the scenarios for a holiday skiing and 100% below zero. You can also go to their markets and tobogganing horse to enjoy the romantic part of the city.

15. Tallin, Estonia


We have a fairy tale here. It looks like a postcard every place, with all the snow. You can visit the main square of the city and find the oldest pharmacy in Europe. The capital of Estonia has over 700 years and is declared World Heritage by UNESCO.