9 strangest planet research

You Meet the 9 strangest investigations planet and be surprised with some studies that have been conducted in various educational and research institutions around the world.

On this planet there is everything for every taste and flavors, and also, the human being with its development and evolution is made and designed to investigate and create new situations and wonder why everything around it. Many of these investigations have provided solutions to problems of humanity and given hypothesis or answers regarding questions of human life. But in many cases, there is research that many are just a waste of resources and waste of time.

This time we will show nine really strange research that has been done and you will be surprised with the curious answers you have given these studies depending on the issue to apply, perhaps, serve to you some of these crazy answers.

1. Exotic Dancers


The University of New Mexico, showed that these girls are paid more after ovulation in the menstrual cycle. My question is, How could see this ??

2. Is it wrong to read in the bathroom


Believe it or not, there are many studies that have looked at the fact read in the toilet. Some say it is good and some not, but the Israeli study “Neurogastroenterology & Motiliy,” says the environmental conditions to read in the bathroom did not generate any therapeutic help but simply helps kill time.

3. Cows are magnetic?


According to a study in the journal Proceedings of the American Academy of Sciences says that cows behave like a compass, and with horns or tail point to the magnetic poles of the earth, whether north or south.

4. The velocity of death


It seems, according to a study by an Australian team published in 2011 by the British Medical Journal. Which he says that death is moving to 2.95 km per hour. And this depends on the speed with which the person moved.

5. Women become stupid men


In 2011 by the Archives of Sexual Behavior, was published that the men who will present evidence to a woman, make more mistakes than women.

6. The hair may be white, suddenly !!


Scientists published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine that the phenomenon is real proven by selective alopecia.

7. Oscar winners live longer


As reported in the Annals of Internal Medicine confirms the winners live, on average, 3.9 years longer than members of the control group and 3.6 years longer than nominees actors but not were rewarded.

8. The Paradise temperature


In the Book of Isaiah in the Bible, Paradise is described with a moon that shines like the sun and its light is 49 times brighter. Therefore, as by Applied Optics it was of 231 ° C

9. El bostezo de una tortuga


Flickr ♥ … ca.tti [pienso.luego.existes]

This experiment wins Ig Nobel yawning consists of a turtle with a reward system. When he was in front of their peers. Some yawned in response. The study suggests that yawning is more complex than a simple reflection.