What the Shape of Your Lips Says About You.  7 types of lips.

We present 7 types of lips and what they reveal about you. Ever since you were thinking that this had an impact on your personality? Let’s see:

We are all very different, of course. And this happens not only in our way of being, but also in our physical appearance. Some are tall or short, thin or acuerpados, brown or white. Rather, there is something for everyone. And if we stop to observe our lips and the way their mouths are in our heads, we can also discover that it is directly proportional to the way our spirit is, more humorous or absurd it may seem.

If you do not think this can happen, for a moment, go for a few minutes of your daily routine and see what we’re going to show below.You’ll be surprised and understand a bit more what your personality!

Thin lips

tipo-labios-revelan-de-ti-4 Creative Commons/ Raquelsantana

If you’re a perfectionist and a person full of determination, perseverance, capable of meeting the objectives proposed and unwilling to surrender to adversity, for sure your lips are thin.

Lower lip different upper and vice versa

tipo-labios-revelan-de-ti-7 Creative Commons/ Berge Gazen

This type lip is characteristic of those curious, daring, always open to experience new situations, but paradoxically people, there are times when they are a little naive. Bocas and are very popular among all. Does yours is?

Lips directed downwards

tipos-labios-revelan-de-ti-5 Creative Commons/ Natalia Vivas

Are you strong character? Do you feel that you are a leader and person who likes to take the initiative in any situation? And in addition to that, do you sometimes say you are rebellious or rogue? If your answers were mostly “yes”, your lips have this form. And feel proud, because you are one of those that attract all the time for her vivacious charm.

Arcuate lips

tipo-labios-revelan-de-ti-3 Creative Commons/ Fran López

If you consider the tips that one end of your lips is inclined upward and another downward thing is to be happy, peppy, upbeat and very outgoing.Good for you and for your great energy!

Thick or voluptuous lips

tipo-labios-revelan-de-ti-1 Creative Commons/ LucPower Portal

Of course, this is synonymous with sensuality. Those who have the fortune to have a perfectly symmetrical fleshy lips, these are people who are always going to seem irresistible for others, besides being brave and confident beings.

Or lips stretched wide

tipo-labios-revelan-de-ti-8 Creative Commons/ Mlartigue

If you believe that your lips meet this feature, let me tell you a tolerant person, lover of diversity and interested in relationships with people who think differently than you. That means you’re open, loving to learn from others, successful and talented. Excellent!

Lower lip largest

tipo-labios-revelan-de-ti-6 Creative Commons/ Rafaela

Wow! If your lips are so enigmatic definitely you are someone that attracts by its mysterious way of being and their exotic behavior. You is not going to be equal to others, but be careful, because if you can not handle this, others might find as a complicated person and very, very demanding.