15 Virally Photos that are Totally Fake

If you want to know the 15 most viral fake photographs Internet enters this article, you will be amazed.

Modifications can be made with photoshop are impressive. Sometimes you can see pictures that have surprised you were before modified. Some of these photos sure that recognize, others will put you on notice.

Photoshop is a program that can handle it if you know very credible create pictures. These photographs are an example.

It is very common the creation of fake photographs of major natural disasters, and that when they occur, people know the extent of these. Therefore the “artists” create photos that draw little attention, and these are shared by many people through social networks.

Without more, we leave you with these 15 false photos are sure that you will be called much attention.

This photo looks more like a science fiction movie than reality.



This shark became very famous with this photo. Luckily for the helicopter was a photomontage



This image is from a famous television series “Lost”



A Tsunami was never so



A cat a little big, right?



And a bigger dog than a horse, false!



If these children were with internet, but no water.



This was a joke, a bit cruel, which declined to a visitor to the Twin Towers



A Chinese train that never existed



Bush never had the story in reverse 11-S. He tried to ridicule.



This owl became very famous for having all the colors of the rainbow. However, it was not true



This Polar Bear toy baby was



And this baby kick in the belly of the mother, is also false



And a great storm that never existed