9 typical phrases Jealous Women

9 known catchphrases of jealous women and laugh at the different expressions they can use when women express their jealousy. Plus you’ll find different expressions that may use very often without realizing it.

Jealousy has always been a natural subject of human beings, both men and women and the have awakened sense. Since this is part of our instincts, and our need to protect what we consider ours. In many cases it is normal and even fun to drive this, but in other cases, too much can be a subject to deal with much more attention.

Clearly, in some cases, unfounded jealousy is good, because today is much more common infidelity in relationships, but it can also reveal a problem of personal insecurity. Since you can get to consider you unless your partner off. If you feel this way, it’s time to stop and analyze your priorities well.

¿You consider zealous or jealous ?? If you do not already know, we give these women jealous phrases for you to determine your level of jealousy talking.

1. It is unsafe review followed her boyfriend’s phone. It is silly not to do from time to time


Encountering such sentences on social networks, they are a clear sign of jealousy. Some people believe that the cell is a source of basic information of the couple. But keep one thing clear, and that is that today things can hide your phone through various applications.

2. No answer, what if you are talking to someone?


In these conversations with myself is a sign of insecurity, remember that you can not be 100% connected with your partner, each takes time to conduct their activities and manage their social life as desired. Remember to have a relationship, you should be confident.

3. Why the hell are you so late and not let me know?


This is a very important turning point in the relationship, one thing to be the bride and be informed of what makes the couple and quite another to try to replace the mother. You deserve your place, but do not abuse this position to have it fully controlled all the time.

4. Give the password for Facebook


This phrase and others like “Faces we see, Facebook not know,” show us the importance of social networks have taken in our relationships. And it is that facebook can handle another part of our life and our contacts that your partner may not please him. So you must be 100% sure to ask for and give the password as you open a door privacy of your life to another person, with the risk that the use at will.

5. Say hello to your friend (**bi***ch)


The friends of our partners, will always be a latent rival. But things should not be confused, since in many cases, are really friendly and there is no need to put together a show that your boyfriend has more women in their social circle. That if, at the time that the behavior cease to be friends, it is time to suspect.

6. You will be just the balance of your cell? Who called you?, because I´m not


Another sign of dependence when a person uses this phrase a lot, shows that both need that person is above it. You have to know given their space in relationships.

7. What the hell did you see that woman?You lack little to tender kiss her! You’re the ogling!


This situation happen often in the street, it’s natural that men and women sometimes stray away. More is not to be made much less when you’re with your partner, it is a clear sign of disrespect for another person.

8. Are you jealous ?, Who yoooo ?. Not my love, for nothing – So kiss me … – That you about the “dog that”


These fights are common boyfriends but should not be too repetitive, we must learn to control jealousy not to bore the other person that you have at your side.

9. Why so much perfume? who are you going with?


And since these signals are not common in the person, they can lead to suspicion. But if it is a casual act, there is no reason to put together a storm in a glass of water.