5 Types of fastidious men

Men are found throughout the world, and like everything else, will find a Prince Charming charms and you’ll want to never stop, and meet others who appear to be in your nightmares. Today we want to show these 5 types of annoying men all have come to haunt us, and the best way to shake them off.

Speaking of relationships is as difficult as keeping them, and as they always say, “the whole pot, she gets her corn bread.” But there is always the terrible character who becomes a storm, so intense or for the simple fact that we are not interested. And in many cases it is very difficult to explain without hurting the other person, or without being clear enough to leave you alone.

Well, as we did our article 7 types of women destined to be single, Today we present these five men and annoying as get rid of them. We welcome your opinions and we do have What other man should enter this list ?? and that other ways can be more easily rejected.

1.The intense


And as if all the women in his short or wide experience when talking about relationships and dating have been through one of these characters. The strong man is one who first time may have seemed interesting, and maybe been treated like a princess, so much to give your phone number. But our prince turns into a frog because of their insecurity. And start calling all the time, you need to live in contact with you and makes you hysterical claims boyfriend, even if you gave him a kiss. This type of man is very common to find and harder to shake off. We intend to be very direct, because the strategy of ignoring them is not working. Tell at the time, what they feel, and you really do not care nothing with it and if you do not understand, it’s time to change phones.

2. Boyfriends to your best friend


This situation is more common than it seems, is the typical grown to think that all women are at your feet and all can have an affair. Regardless of your relationship or to be the friend of his girlfriend. Care!! This type of man can be very charming and even tempting, but nobody never be serious in your life, you’re just a friend who fell at his feet and would risk a real friendship because of a man who does not deserve it. The best way to get rid of him, is to talk to your friend directly the situation and of course put your limits to these characters.

3. The Annoying


There is a man who believes that the best way to seduce a woman is bothering her, because she believes is the most effective way to get their attention, then always try discutirte for any topic or get you to think you hate, when the opposite . Always they send mixed signals, since not decide to treat you like. If you are not interested, and detect this type of personality, the best way is to ignore him away. Since this character would take the hint that no more calls your attention to this bullying by you.

4. Twenty hands man


This man is really uncomfortable to try and learn, is that on the first date is telling you these very good or “mommy” and immediately tries to contact you. Always you have a habit of making excuses to grab or hold your hands and not let you breathe. The only way to remove a type of this style is to say from the outset that you do not like that approach you in this way and of course, that such men do not call you at all the attention.

5. The man who thinks you you’re falling.


And we come to our 5 types of fastidious man. This man whom you have not given reasons, even insinuations. But he swears that you’re madly in love with him and kiss the ground you walk upon. And worst of all, it is responsible for telling all their friends and acquaintances that you’re crazy one for him. This type of men the only way to get rid of him is to offend his ego, make you feel that it is less important than any other and watch stops bothering you.

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