3 tricks to avoid blue ticks message read Whatsapp

That’s right, the last update of WhatsApp brought a surprise to all its users. The famous double check or blue ticks. In this case, and for those who have not seen, in your conversations whatsapp you can see when your interlocutor read the message you sent. Because now the two ticks change color to blue.

Naturally, this has generated some discomfort among users. Since many people lose the opportunity to manage the response time in the application thanks to this option. And it can generate more conflicts between people because if you read the message, you look somehow “forced” to answer.


Even the groups are not saved, since when everyone read the message, even the ticks will become blue. And if you have just read some of the group, you can find out with the new option whatsapp. This also can be disabled.

This unique option has generated all kinds of comments and even funny memes on this subject. But today we want to give three tricks to avoid this double check or blue ticks in your conversations Whatsapp.

1. Emerging notifications WhatsApp:


Although it is one of the most obvious, it is actually useful. If you want to read without double check blue whatsapp messages appear, you can turn on your phone emerging Notifications option. In this case, the messages will get you out of the application and therefore will not become blue ticks immediately. That if only you enter the app, the option is activated again. But this way, you can manage your time to answer the other person.

2. Airplane Mode


This option is slightly delayed and somewhat cumbersome way, but it works. In this case, you must turn airplane mode before entering the application, read the message, and again when you leave the application you disable Airplane mode. In this way, double check is disabled and the person will not know that and read the message. Although you should do whenever you want to ignore a message from someone.

3. Old version of the app


Double-check option is enabled, as stated above, in the latest version of WhatsApp. So if you’re using Android, you can get to find the previous version. In this case they may seek the release of “apk whatsapp 2.11.431”. and this would avoid always double check blue.

In the case of the iPhone it is a little more complicated. If you use Iphone you should jailbreak the phone to get to find a previous version. Since most cases were updated on October 23.