5 Tips Avoid Christmas Weight Gain

Came the most festive and joyous month of the year, and despite some and joy of others, the month where most food we usually eat. He began the era of novenas, family meetings and the inevitable custard or wine with donuts and cookies.

But many people happens that from mid-December to mid-January, excessive eating and tastes are given as far as food is concerned. This, among other reasons, is why most gyms fill their capacity between January and February. If you want to avoid the torment of trying to lose weight and take off those extra pounds, we leave these 5 tricks to prevent weight gain at Christmas.

According to experts of the European Medical Institute of Obesity, IMEO, the holiday season is the season where we get more weight, an average of 3 to 5 kilos. They add that the problem lies not in the party as such, but the tendency to keep eating the same day around it, through various social events.

That if you do not expect to start a demanding diet this season, because Christmas always makes everyone we break diets, but if you must be realistic and set goals, either maintain current weight or not gain more than one kilo.

With these 5 tricks offered by this institute, we can avoid gaining weight for Christmas



Este es un truco excelente para utilizar en estas épocas, si comes un aperitivo antes de la comida, lograrás engañar a tu estomago para que no sienta tanta hambre a la hora de la cena. De esta manera, podrás comer todas los deliciosos platillos navideños con mesura y sin subir peso más de la cuenta.



It seeks to maintain control in alcoholic beverages, do not say do not drink anything, because that would be very difficult. Beyond that, we tell you that look that no alcoholic beverages are high in caloric load, that is, you try to take as the light rum drinks, and soda you add can be light to reduce all these drinks have calories.



If you had a day and night with excesses in food, accommodating the next day with a light diet so that the body does not have a more dramatic rise in weight. In these days of diet, try to eat balanced, with lots of fruits and vegetables, cheeses and light products.



Sweets these times must be purchased roughly from December 20. Many families buy Christmas cookies from the first day of December and from late November. Recommend to reduce as much as possible, the time to consume these sweets and allow this holiday season does not come with many extra kilos.



You have to measure the economy in this season. And this can be done through amounts and rations according to the number of people going to celebrate with you this time. So also you save you the effort of having to consume what remains of these dinners for the day or days. The consumption of meat and white fish is recommended.