11 things you never thanked your best friend, and You wanted to do

To have a good friendship, it is something invaluable. Attention! Here are 11 things you never thanked your best friend, but would like to.

Trust us! After reading what you are going to show then you stay with a sense of wanting to call your most cherished friend and thank him for everything he has done for you. You will find that a thank you is not enough for many years of friendship, accompanied by laughter, tears, scolding, and why not, in a few fights in the end only served to further strengthen their complicity.

It sounds cliché because it’s something that most people boast to say, but undoubtedly, in life, it is much better to have an unconditional friend money or luxuries. Material things, although at the time we bring satisfaction, ever be able to replace the value of the company and loyalty that represents a true friendship.

So they stop to observe the following list, be sure to thank you for the great friends you have and never let overlook that must always cultivate friendships.

1. Usually only you talk about your problems and you do not mind


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We’ve all fallen into the trap of talking only of ourselves with our best friends. Our problems are his daily bread and have reached the point of forgetting their concerns without even asking how they are. But despite this, they continue to listen and support us.

2. Have you shared things, perhaps even longer extraviaste


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How many times have you asked him to borrow a necklace, a purse or a skirt, or in the case of men, a video game, shirt or jacket and yet you have not returned? Most likely you already going to do, and yet, your friend will still considered a treasure in your life.

3. Follow your parents being present even though you used it as a shield against


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He had permits you knew your parents would not give, but fortunately counting on your best friend would help you to invent some excuse or story to cover you and thus not be found for them. In fact, sure there were times in which he or she was bad for you and did not care, friendship remains intact.

4. No te juzga a pesar de que sabe los graves errores que has cometido


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Surely it was quite angry with you by unconscious acts you have committed, but of course, has not dared to judge it very well knows that at any moment could be in your situation, and as good friends they are, you too would be there for him despite the circumstances.

5. Because he is generous with you always


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We do not deny it: we spent many abusive with our great friends! His house is like ours, and with it, their belongings. If you do not have money usually he will want to help you cover your expenses and vice versa. You know that your life would be like without that person.

6. Although sometimes you’ve hesitated, you know no one will be honest with you


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And what if this means that you confess things will bother you! If a garment is not you look good, he’s going to do you know. If you’re being ridiculous, of course I also will tell you! And if you’re doing something that threatens their friendship, yes what you will say!

7. Criticize for not following a balanced diet? Do not! He / She also sins you


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Know you’re not the only one going from greedy, definitely priceless. In fact, even better person makes us feel. ¿Hamburger with fries and shake off your best friend and your favorite movie?The best plan of all time!

Although you stayed for certain periods of time, you accepted when you return


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There are times when we do not support our closest friends, it is normal for this to happen. Whether they begin to get close to others or because discussions and similar situations that separate us are given. But a true friend has no problem going back to our side.

He lends you his shoulder to cry on despite already having given advice not listen


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You had a stormy relationship, your friend warned you many times that your former partner do not and you ought valued. And of course, you never wanted to take some of your advice and sermons and end, already beaten, ran back to his side to comfort you. And what happened? As always, he was there.

It has agreed to accompany outings boring just so you see the person you like


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And this is a scene that we have experienced virtually everyone. At first it gives us a bit of shame out alone with the person you are flirting, so we ask our elf avor stalwarts join us for everything to be less embarrassing friends. There are times in which evidently is going very badly, but for their loyalty, continue to make the sacrifice.