5 things you don´t know about your toothbrush

Today, it is vital oral health of all people, and an important part of oral hygiene of each is the toothbrush. So today we’ll show you five things you may not know about your toothbrush. So you can have perfect teeth whitening and oral health incredible.

The toothbrush is a basic part of daily oral health of all people. In some cases, people neglect this element, skipping some important oral hygiene standards that can generate bacteria and germs such as gingivitis among others.

So today we’ll give you five fun facts you may not know about your toothbrush, that you evaluate both the brand and the toothbrush purchases, such as oral hygiene habits that have daily to determine if they are the healthiest .

1. The brush head


The toothbrush heads are straight, small and flat. They are easier to handle in your mouth and give you the option to reach the farthest corners of your mouth. So the small brush head is recommended that the other for an ideal oral health.

2. Where to place the brush


It is true that many germs in the bathroom reaching toothbrush sticking to each other and that must be protected are grown. But it is not recommended to leave the brush in an enclosed place after use. Since moisture and confinement is a perfect place to create many microorganisms. So wait for the brush to keep dry properly.

3. Bristles


Thus we find variety of heads of toothbrushes, we find many who have few or many bristles. The idea is to use a toothbrush with many bristles for greater effectiveness in cleaning. You’ll find soft, medium or hard bristles. This can choose according to your preference.

4. Life using a brush


Toothbrushes have a lifetime of 3-4 months, although some people do not usually change so often, it is advisable to do so. Since we are more likely to breed bacteria and diseases in a brush that has been used for longer than recommended besides the fact that can not be cleaned with the same efficiency as before.

5. The brush handle


Although the handle does not affect brushing or oral hygiene as such, it is important to consider this factor in comfort when bathing mouth. In any case, it is good to have an anti-stick handle to avoid any sudden movement that was planned. In addition, for children it is always recommended a thick handle.