9 Things You Did´nt Know about Dogs

You can not deny that you, like us, you love the dogs. So, pay attention to these nine things you did not know dogs. You’ll love it!

There are studies showing that humans, on average, we lived with dogs for over 30,000 years. Do you what you had imagined? Undoubtedly these beautiful beings have spent too much time giving the best of themselves, their company, love, faithfulness and protection.

The truth is, dare we say there is no better pet the dogs, although there are many people who are inclined more cats. Although we can not deny that each animal has virtues and characteristics that make them unique to man.

We want to share this post so you know that every day there is something new to learn from dogs. If you really love them and are your biggest company, sure you’ve dateado too much about their way of being, but are of those who think that knowledge never hurts, so do not stop reading what comes next and shares. There is always something more to know!

The strength of the Siberian Huskies impressed!


Creative Commons/ Rafa

Did you know that are stronger than the other races? Like the Greyhounds are the fastest and most resilient. In fact, they have the ability to travel long distances: the average is about 18 jm per hour, equivalent to 160 daily.

Dogs sense heat


Creative Commons/ Reyes Arribas

A dog temperature is between 38 and 39 degrees Celsius, being much higher than humans. This explains why fleas and ticks are beings who live in these animals, they are always attracted by such heat.

Like you, feel love dogs


Creative Commons/ Bєłéη αrgüєsø ❀

You don’t be surprised because this is! Their brains release oxytocin, which is called the “love hormone”. This comes into play when they interact not only with other dogs, but also humans. Pretend you feel the same as us when they give us a hug or consent us.

When it rains, the ear of dogs are injured


Creative Commons/ Rolando Cervantes

If your dog refuses to walk in the rain, it’s not because I hate water. What happens is that the sound of it affects their sensitive ears, then amplifying the other sounds.

An English Mastiff was the giant of all


Creative Commons/ Fotosuabe

Zorba and his name was born in 1981. Why was gigantic? Its measurement was 2.51 mt from nose to tail and weighed 155 kg.Imagine please its grandeur! Of course, it was the largest can of whole story.

Protect your family from some diseases


Creative Commons/ José Manuel Repiso

Of which? The flu, or commonly cold and asthma. Studies show that children who grow up with these animals, have less risk of getting these ill health. How good!

They were also victims of the Middle Ages!


Creative Commons/ María

If you think that during this time the only thing that suffered was the man, you’re sadly mistaken. These poor animals also lived the consequences of the Inquisition, being burnt with their owners who were accused of witchcraft. So it was that happened in 1962 in Salem, Massachusetts, United States.

Unique and unrepeatable!


Creative Commons/ Fotosuabe

Believe it or not, just as human beings have unique fingerprints, the noses of the dogs are too. So many times the police have taken him advantage of this feature to solve crimes, evidence showing that they or their owners were introduced for certain crimes.