13 Things You Did not Know Despicable Me

Sit back and enjoy the 13 things you did not know of the films of Despicable Me. And surprised with all the little curiosities that hid behind this film animators. In addition to small curiosities in its creation.

We all laughed because these films. Where Gru, an evil is still good after adopting a 3 girls in a plot to kidnap the moon. Yes, I know it’s a very strange argument, but it has worked around the world. This film, with its sequel have reached more than 1500 million, have made laugh large and small around the world. And his unmistakable minions are recognized as globally.

Now you will discover the hidden secrets of these great movies. That behind these fun characters are part of the experiences, anecdotes and curiosities that can bring in this film has broken box office. Which is your favorite character?? While you think about it, here we leave you these 13 things you did not know Despicable Me

1 The voice of the minions


This particular voice. It is the same as the directors of the film, Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud. At the beginning of the recordings, the directors had not found the voice for these friends. So they began to test each other and found the best combination for vocals.

2. Looney toons were the inspiration for the minions


The directors also told that the minions are inspired by the famous piolin, and chapter where it becomes an evil. Furthermore Renaud says “the idea that something pretty monstrous becomes attractive. We always laugh because even though Minions are servants working for the evil of the film, are not bad at all.”

3. And we continue with the saga


Despicable has been a box office success, so much so that his continuing saga in the coming years. For the July 10, 2015 would be released a spin off of the Minions starring Sandra Bullock and Jon Hamm. So for lovers of minions. They also have their own movie. And gru, we can see the 2017 movie of my favorite villain in March.

4. the Lorax


Illumination Entertainment Believe Lorax while my favorite villain. Therefore, in Margo shirt you can see the image of lorax.

5. The paintings in the house of Gru


The people have noticed retailers, Gru’s house is surrounded by several famous paintings. Among which you can see the Mona Lisa and a starry night, all these works of art were stolen by Gru in his days of evil

6. The minions in the Lorax


As I said before, the Lorax and my favorite movie villain are sisters. Therefore, it is not uncommon in lorax a minion in a drawer.

7. Kittens sleepy book


We all remember, that group had to read a bedtime story in the first part of the film. Now the book if there Kittens sleepy, and after the success of the film was distributed worldwide.

8. Minion language


Minions were so successful in my favorite villain, that their language is recognized by many called “minionense”. This actually is a sum of different languages including English, Spanish, French and Italian. Commonly they used names of different dishes and foods in the world.

9. Eduardo


In the film Despicable Me 2, the owner of Mexican restaurant “El Macho” was to be played by Al Pacino. I fail to record the many lines but ended up abandoning production, so it was replaced by Benjamin Blatt.

10. Lucy’s phone


Also, my favorite two villain Gru brand Lucy’s phone number: 626-584-5723 directors, created this line with a recording of lucy. In this line, fans of the film can leave funny messages.

11. More than kevin


We do not know who is really kevin. Because in the first film, Kevin has an eye, and in the second, two eyes. Curious, no??

12. Creating minions


It was an accident, a very happy of course. In the first part, they would be human sized monsters. The budget of the film, forced them would reduce their size.

13 The minions only …


Only have 3 fingers, and the characters who excel in the film are named after men.