9 things that you did not know about cats

Whether you are a lover or not beautiful cats, you do not miss this post: 9 things you did not know cats. You thought you knew everything about them? Here we show that you were wrong!

This is clear: cats are one of the most popular pets in recent times, despite hanging around with the world many centuries. Actually we not really know what is happening with them, but humans are freaking us with your presence, not only for the great company they represent, but because of the peculiar way we show affection.

Recall that these cats to be so independent, they become quite mysterious creatures. In fact there are those who claim that they are moody creatures, but we have the strong conviction that this does not happen at all as longer depends on how they are raised by their masters.

To get ahead no more, now we leave you with the most curious facts of these remarkable animals. Tell us if you have anything to offer us, or whether on the contrary, there is a point that catches your attention. Do not stop sharing it!


Where did they come from?


Creative Commons/ Bushidotorres

The truth is that cats came to America from alo long eighteenth century Europe, with the aim of combating pests. Yes, these animals are quite efficient.

Let be one of yours!


Creative Commons/ Fernando Della Flora

Please note that if ever a cat has licked you hands, hair, or otherwise face, rejoice! This means that besides simpatizarle, want to treat you like one of their own and so is trying to groom you like them.

How do you know if you won your confidence?


Creative Commons/ Salar Hassani

If at any time you see these animals lie on your back when you come, it means that you have very, very confident. This is because this is the only position in which they can not defend themselves from attack.

Did you hear a “meow”?  Your pet trying to tell me something!


Creative Commons/ Juan Castro

Interestingly, it is rare that these creatures turn to this characteristic sound to communicate with other cats. In fact, they usually do so only when they try to express something to us humans. How cute!

The quintessential female pet …


Creative Commons/ Yandi Muñoz Valera

We swear that we are not trying to be sexist or anything like that. Just like we’re telling a curious fact that was scientifically proven: cats often obey women more than men, because they react better against a high-pitched voice!

Never stop bathing, so you are sick


Creative Commons/ José Manuel Vaquera

This is very important: when your cat has a health relapse and suddenly stop bathing, do it. As you know, these things are too neat and may even lose the will to live if they feel dirty and forgotten.

They are unique and unrepeatable …


Creative Commons/ Soraya Sato

Just as human beings have fingerprints that are unique, the way in which it has the cat’s nose is too.Believe us that no two cats with the same design! Do you see the similarities they have with us?

They have an ear too thin


Creative Commons/ Rafael Cuberos Miranda

The ears of cats are ultrasonic. What does this mean?You can hear frequencies that are inaudible to you! For example, sounds that rodents typically use to communicate.Now I understand everything!

There is a plant that fascinates


Creative Commons/ Jorge Vogelsanger

What happens is that there is a plant that seems to hypnotize. This is the Nepeta Cataria, also known as “Peppermint Cats’, belonging to the family of thyme and lavender. Her perfume generated in the cat a lot like a bitch in heat behavior.