5 things about chocolate that you did not knew

Discover the 12 things about the chocolate surely you did not know. After reading this article, surely you will go to your kitchen cabinet to catch a bit.

The chocolat is produced from the mixture of sugar, cocoa butter and cocoa mass. In addition there are many variations of taste and texture, as the proportions of these and also other products are incorporated, such as milk and nuts.
The cocoa tree is called Theobroma cacao, and says that its origin began in South America up to Mexico. But Mexicans say that started in Mexico to move later to the south, namely the banks of the Orinoco and Amazon river. If it is true that the first remains were found in Mexico. Therein lies the controversy.
The cocoa was used as currency in pre-Hispanic cultures, and was appreciated for its great value, now we want to show value.

1. Substitute Love …, ¿active desire?


Desire, according to some scientists, is active with a number of hormones secreted by the body. One is serotonin, a substance that gives us a great pleasure and can be fueled by tryptophan, a substance contained in chocolate.
Moreover our rich food also contains phenylethylamine, which can sometimes have effects in the body as amphetamine. The effect, of course, is not as strong as the drug, nor does it affect everybody equally. What is certain is that it gives you a greater sense of pleasure and well-being, that if, during a short period of time.

2. Cocoa few years will be expensive


This is a provision that some experts predict this product as spending Cacao in the world reached 12,000 million dollars a year. Furthermore it is expected that consumption will increase in the coming years and this will cause the price to shoot up prices that few people can afford.
Moreover, the paradox occurs that cocoa producers were increasingly less profitable to plant cocoa leaves. And this will reduce production when demand soars.

3. The part of the world’s largest chocolate


Grand Candy factory was able to produce the world’s largest chocolate, with 4,410 kg. It was exhibited in Yerevan, Armenia, and contains 70% cocoa. Activity course in the Guinness Book of Records, and was 5.6 meters long, 2.75 meters wide and with a thickness of 0.25 m. Impressive right?

4. The chocolate, do you really fattening?


Like everything in life, any excess fat, because it is the body itself which becomes fat if it is ingested in excess. To give you an example, vitamins (containing fruit) if you take too much (more than the body needs daily) become fat. If this happens with harmless vitamins, that will not happen with other foods, such as chocolate.
However, chocolate does not have high fat content, so you should not stigmatize the chocolate as a food that fattens directly. Furthermore scientific studies have shown that moderate consumption of chocolate improves blood pressure.
So if chocolate, but in moderation.


5. Chocolate prevents aging


Now we know that cocoa has great antioxidant power. That is why older people can take this food, and why not before also, to prevent aging.

Therefore, the chocolate comes in handy for the body, but in moderation