13 Strange things about Japan

We show 13 very strange things that we find in Japan and we invite you to compare some of the inventions and eccentricities that may have people of Eastern culture versus what normally in the West.

Speaking of Japan for many leads us to think in different words. Slanted eyes, technology, video games and anime. But beyond that, the Japanese are a true mystery to all who have not had direct contact with them. For today, we will see much more bizarre than ever, as we will show 13 things, which we believe, are really strange.

Since inventions developed to cure laziness or for convenience, so the cosplay costumes to style. You find all these kinds of developments that have created in Japan to the delight and surprise of the rest of humanity.

¿I would like to use any of these inventions ?? While you think about it, we show you these 13 strange things in Japan.

Here is the cosplay fashion that has dominated the world, inaugurated by the Japanese. The question is, how could you behave like your favorite character all day?


These mints are designed for those who do not have time (as the name implies) brushing teeth


And what about these original sleeping bags


They admire both their animated characters, like Hello Kitty


And of course, their watermelons are square


And this practical invention to cool your pasta.


and they can go to the beach without actually being in it. Amazing!!!


And for pets, nothing better than your own seat


And the toilet paper in addition to helping with the flu is a great ornament ¿¿??


And fans of the game can not miss.


Dietary water … Now if I’ve seen everything.


What better way to sleep without being interrupted by movement