8 Strange and curious things about Canada, that may be you don´t know

Discover these eight strange and curious things about Canada that may not know, but nevertheless it is beautiful look where you look.

Canada is a country that borders north with the US, and is the world’s second largest after Russia, with nearly 10 million square kilometers. Canada’s economy is strong, and is considered the world’s ninth. Canada’s official languages ​​are French and English, although Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese and Punjabi are also spoken.

Canada is the meaning of “Great Village” and comes from the Indian language. Curiously, there are 292 species of butterflies Canada and has the deepest lake, the Great Slave Lake, with over 600 meters deep. To this we must add that Canada is the country with the world’s inland lakes.

Moreover, the currency of Canada is the Canadian dollar, and the largest cities are Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Quebec, Ottawa (the capital), Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, etc. It has very fertile land, although low temperatures, especially in the north, prevents work them. Moreover the oil and gas reserves are very important.


1. Winter in Canada, hard, very hard


Winter in Canada extends from December to February and is hard, very hard. Although as you can see in the picture, the Canadian authorities is not without resources. Snow is most usual, and the daytime temperature is below 0 degrees, let alone at night …

The temperature felt by the wind is more cold in Canada, so if you go this time of year we suggest Canada do very well sheltered.

Photo obtained from the blog: saucykodz.blogspot.com


2. A curious parking in the burger

This case is a little funny for people who are not used to live around snow, but in Canada it is still common, as snowfall impede the normal traffic of vehicles if they are not prepared for it.

3. The rules of the Baths, a little special


If you look at these two standards in the bathrooms, they are still very curious, and even fun. It is clear that the reindeer are a fundamental part of the ecosystem of Canada.
Reindeer and caribou have always lived on this earth, although scientists are warning that their number is decreasing considerably.

4. Contrast between summer and winter


In the summer period, which covers the months of June, July and August, the temperature can reach 30 degrees, with sunshine and rain. The minimum temperature can reach 12 degrees, but depending on the area may be even lower.
At this time many festivals are held outdoors and people go to rivers and lakes to enjoy and stroll.

5. Playing Polo in Canada


Typical sports in Canada: Ice Hockey, Football (called soccer), lacrosse, the Canadian Football (similar to football), baseball, basketball, rugby, tennis, etc. In addition Canada has hosted the Olympic Games in Vancouver in 2010, Calgary in 1988 and in Montreal in 1976.

6. Niagara Falls wear blue or pink


Before the baby was born Dukes of Cambridge, Niagara Falls (bordering United States), they will illuminate with blue or pink, if it’s a boy or girl. As it lit blue.

7. Park, a little complicated


This is an example a bit complicated, but it may be the case, especially in Canada. Therefore, if you want to travel and move around by car, truck or renting a car in Canada, must have in mind that your car should have good insurance, do not you think?

8. And people will always be very kind to you if you are in a hurry


But yeah, the people you meet will be very kind to you if you do not find the way out of your parking, as this is the case. A snowy, very common in this country, can leave you incommunicado.

These are examples, a little funny, yet slightly exaggerated how is this beautiful country.

But although it may happen this, we invite you if you can, you know, your beauty will surprise you.