7 Steps to save your relationship

In some moments of life you are in no-win situations. You realize that the maelstrom of work, lack of time, daily routine or just habit, have a 180 degree turn to your relationship and even you realize.

Most problematic of this situation is that crises are getting stronger, from small details, which can deteriorate to the most beautiful thing they had to an abrupt and profound way. Lost in these situations to your partner to have lived beautiful moments, the laughter, intimacy, companionship and complicity seem an impossible task to accomplish.

If you are in this situation and if you think your partner and your relationship deserves a second chance, we will quote you nine tricks to save. Yes, relax, be patient, do not despair or feel anxiety, as these can be the worst enemies can even put you in difficult situations.

Please note that we are talking about a relationship that is going through a bad time, but in normal terms, we are never talking about extreme situations, hysterical couples, psychopaths or serial murderers …

Remember to save your relationship can be a slow process, which will require calm, of dedication, sincere love. At best, this experience can strengthen love and make even more intense for both.

Good luck!

1. Stop reproach, when you point a finger, four points to you.


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This is no time to live reproaching, repeating and remembering their mistakes again and again, or victimizándote. If we are on the way to recover the relationship, if you want to finish it later. In this case, looking bite your tongue, of course the other person makes big or small mistakes, but I do not want anyone is having her turned into the amplified version of his father or his mother couple.

2. Leave your ego at the doorstep


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The position of never give in, will not help. You have to leave your ego at the door of the house, try to give a little and if you do have to apologize sincerely. Asúmele maturely, if you’re going to make it real, true and sincere. If you think that you can not and will generate another pitched battle, it is best to remain silent and get ready to live in the company of your ego for the coming months.


3. Do not shout, do not let you cry


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Nothing deteriorates both love, and small – large wounds are opened and generally do not close. If the situation gets complicated it is best to end the conversation and provide a space for calm. Do not allow yourself raising your voice, or say things we later regret. Best retire count to a million ugly and eat everything that crosses through your head. Nor let Him do it, just tell him to speak at a more appropriate time. This is a stage of maturity, many people let the other say things led by anger, just to be able to do after the victim. If you are of this type, these tips will not operate.


4. Break the routine


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This may be the most suitable to go out, walk around and do fun things now. Remember all that they liked to do, try to please your partner, think of those activities that were at the beginning of the relationship they enjoyed so much. Remember that be one space for enjoyment, there zero conversations on topics of discussion, and of course reproach sarcastic comment. The idea is not further worsen things or …?

5. Say what you think


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But either way, if you need a period of reflection alone to list the things that make you feel bad, do it. What you can not do is show as a hysterical person, irrational, mourn, kick, scream, because there is no dialogue in those terms. Looking for the right moment, probably a lousy day at work or a final degree project delivery will not be correct. After determining the time, looking for peace, privacy, zero interruptions and ask that you listen carefully and then you must do the same, listening without interrupting. Do not forget, speak respectfully but without distance and tranquility.


6. Plan a romantic moment


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Nothing more appropriate than to enjoy the romance and intimacy. Take the initiative and looking for a special place to dine, dance and escape the weekend. Surely physical contact, being close, enjoy being in love remember them and give them new strength to continue and strengthen their love.

7. But … if you’re not sure if you want to save


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This thought is completely legitimate, every situation and relationship in particular is quite different from the others. Before taking decisions and acting childishly impulsive, take some time to reflect. Reviews the pros and cons, but also examines their attitudes yours, analyzes whether everything is negative, think positive thing that made you fall in love. At this point no hurry, remember that it is a decision that can be completely transcendental in your life.