9 signs that he likes you

Meet and discover these nine signs that he likes that special person in your life. Find the true signs that he likes that special person and with it you can get to experience love spells.

If you are dating someone for a while, or have a friend you care far beyond your current situation. But you know not identify whether he or she feels the same. We invite you to meet these subtle signals that all humans use to mean without words that the other person gets our attention.

Many times, we do not know how to identify different actions or behavior of friends or close people and reach such a level confuse thinking if he likes you or not that person. To address these issues, the body unconsciously generates different reactions that can help identify whether that person feel a special affection for you or not. You should always try to identify, before reaching suffer heartbreak by hasty.

So here we leave nine proven signs to help you clarify your doubts regarding that person who steals sleep and find out if the feeling is mutual.

1. Smile



Smile is a genuine natural gesture of human being who represents joy, in this case, if he likes that person, the person will tend to always see her smiling because that demonstrate confidence, which is the main basis of a relationship, also try to laugh at all your jokes or funny comments, since he knows that it will make you feel important. Furthermore, Who would not be glad to see the day that likes?

2. Dilated pupils and bright eyes



Humans tend to be very expressive through her eyes, consciously or not, always reveal our feelings, thoughts and desires. With Neuro Linguistic Programming, we have determined the meaning of many of these expressions. In this case, there is the movement of our eyes to the “solar plexus” is the place where our heart is located, which is why we associate love with hearts, because we turn our gaze to that part of the body when we feel something. Dilated pupils express a desire to receive attention by our interlocutor.

3. Mouth


It is a common sign of man, when a man is interested in you, you tend to look at you mouth. Both when they are talking or not, and strives for your notes that look on your face is implicitly asking his permission to steal a kiss without words. The mouth will always be a symbol of sensuality of women, and therefore is one of the clearest signs at the time of the conquest.

4. Positions


Body image of a person can always get to say what they think or feel. The man has a habit of showing off, in the sense of standing out and being dominant. So if you like a woman, trying to highlight through their virtues and draw attention with their sense of humor and intelligence. In the women’s event, eyes and hair tends to draw the attention of the person of interest. In some cases touching neck trying to point out its most sensitive area (jugular) and featuring, implying that gives power to the man who cares.

5. Oral Communication


Well, yes, but his whole body tell you something, in some cases, your mouth can not express what they feel. Keep in mind that the average man speaks a 4000 words a day while women about 11000. So for them it is much more difficult to express what they feel, when true. This is because they analyze well the words to really express their feelings and second, every second that analyze the different reactions that can have the woman he was declared.

6. Same body position


That’s right, the body is showing signs alone. In this case, it called Rapport. When we like a person, unconsciously we try to have the same position as her: sitting, standing, arms crossed .. finally. This signal alone can not be considered immediate infatuation, but some others may come to view. We do this because you need to generate empathy with the person we love.

7. Match long


This topic women are experts, and believe it or not, most men also. People do not intersect by chance, and in many cases much match is a clear sign that that person is interested in you Or is that perhaps you have not done your ever ??

8. Personal Space


This does not apply to all people, there are people who likes to be close to the other without any ulterior motive in particular. But in other cases, when the person begins to invade your personal space, it is a very clear sign that he likes you, since this fully capturing your attention and in turn this “marking territory”.

9. You shall not give back


He finished with our signals, is the fact that the person who likes you, do not give back. And always try to talk to you looking into your eyes. We hope that these signs will help you identify whether he likes you or not, and know whether or not you can risk.