The 5 secrets of Hello Kitty do not know

Hello Kitty has been an inspirational kitten that has accompanied the childhood of many girls from different eras. Its super sweet look, apart from being very special, has given a great success from the marketing. Surely know the countless items that have your brand, have become a favorite for decorating children’s rooms from aircraft carriers to the east.

Whenever we think of it, we imagine, Funny, lamps, telephones, wallpaper, cell linings, umbrellas, notebooks and countless items we wanted to have. But the truth is that very little is known of the secrets that hide their origins, many versions speak of a dark, mysterious and scary background.

We bring here 5 of its secrets, stories, important data, curiosities, whatever you want to call them. The truth is that we can not hide that we love and who once or many enjoyed their company. However, his fame was so transcendent that brings things we do not know whether to believe, but it is important to know that each draw their own conclusions. Do not you believe it?

1. A pact with the devil?


MAC Hello Kitty Event photography by jon gurinsky for eventphotosnyc Flickr


Hello Kitty is said that stemmed from a pact with the devil, which was made by a designer, who was the mother of a girl who was suffering from terminal cancer mouth. Yuko be the designer of a famous brand around the world in exchange for restoring health to her daughter. It is also said that the doll has no mouth, just for the horrible cancer that her daughter suffered. About the designer, there are many data apparently disappeared after the company and no trace of her or her daughter had.

Theories about its meaning, many believe that translation is Hello Devil, and it was built for all his followers to pronounce it, so dark greet unconsciously be also displayed.

Hello Kitty is also associated with quite strong police investigations, including the case “Hello Kitty murder” is known. In 1999 he was associated with a horrible case of rape, murder and beheading of a woman. His remains have been stored in the head of a Hello Kitty doll. It is also said that rites handled by such sects include the kitten.


2. More than 50,000 products for sale


Attila Siha Flickr


About 70 countries market the more than 50,000 products that has this successful kitten. The brand is valued at about 7,000 million. Sanrio company owns the rights perceived $ 759 million annually for Hello Kitty. We definitely believe that whoever designed it, would have never imagined that a success in such magnitude. Its latest development, the Taiwanese airline Eva Air decorated its planes with feline and his friends. Here we leave an article that can cheer you up.


3. No mouth to captivate


Ted Eytan Flickr


Officials denies satanic version of the story, reporting that the reason that Hello Kitty has no mouth, is to captivate allowing his followers draw the mood of their choice. From a happy smile, to the sadness of a rainy day. This great feline does not judge you, but accompanies you on what you are feeling, without asking why.


4. Hello Kitty is a cat


Aikawa Ke Flickr


The truth that I have referred to all the item as a kitten and the truth is I’d rather keep it that way, I will not contribute to damaging the childhood of those who are his followers. However, last year declared Sanrio Hello Kitty when reached his 40th birthday, which was not a cat but rather a girl. His argument is that always walks on two legs and you have your own pet, a cat named Charmmy Kitty.


5. Hello Kitty is not called, there is Japanese and has more than 40 years.


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His birthday is November 1 and was born in 1974. It’s not Japanese, it is an English lady, just have to look at her outfit. His name is Kitty White, not known visiting Tokyo, or eating sushi, always known him in the suburbs of London where he was born. The third grade of school and dreams of becoming a poet or pianist higher.

He was so famous, that was Ambassador of UNICEF Children in the United States, Ambassador of Tourism in China and Hong Kong.

In any case and whatever happens Hello Kitty fans will not cease to be, however it is known as the new generations also know our White Hello, Hello Kitty, Kitten or not, Japanese or not, Yorkean or not .. . She is just great!