11 Secrets of Disney you should know

Disney, one of the most important companies in the entertainment world. Behind its years of history and creation, some secrets that today attempt to show and clarify many of the questions they may have about the company full of magic and fantasy.

The company, which today is a world leader talking about entertainment and animation. Through his years, he has created millions of characters who have stayed in the memory of all of us. This is the case of characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast among others life stories. And in recent years, with the integrated animation pixar (company Steve Jobs) have created characters that always accompany children and large. Cases of such films as Monster inc, up and Walli-e, who in addition to break the box office, have touched the hearts of all.

Let’s start with these 11 secrets you should know disney.

1. A113


This code has accompanied almost every animated films from Disney and Pixar. Always it appears in small details about the films. This code is actually the number of a room in the California Institute of Arts, where many of the leaders of these two companies learned to make animations.

2. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice


The sorcerer’s apprentice sorcerer named: Disney, if the name is read backwards, you will see the name of Disney.

3. Sid


The villain of Toy Story 1 child makes his cameo appearance in Toy Story 3 as a garbage collector. Curious, no?

4. The Jungle Book


4 vultures “Jungle Book” were based on the Beatles. And he expected them to record their voices, but because of the schedule never managed to close these recordings.

5. Orphans


Muchos de los personajes de Disney, son huérfanos debido a que walt disney se sentía culpable por la muerte de su madre en 1938. Lo que sucedió en este caso, fue que después del éxito que tuvo la película Blancanieves, Walt le compro una casa a sus padres. Esta casa tenia un problema de calefacción y su madre Flora Disney murió por intoxicación con monoxido de carbono.

6 Winnie Pooh


The voice of Igor donkey, is the same voice that I play Optimus Prime in the Transformers movie.

7. Mortimer Mouse


Walt Disney originally wanted to call Mickey Mouse as Mortimer. But his wife persuaded him to change the name because it was too pompous. Although years later, the name was used for the enemy of Mickey.

8. Wall-e


The name chosen for the robot that cleans our planet was no fluke. This is the name of Walter Elias Disney

9 Pizza Planet


The Pizza Planet truck also found hidden in several Disney movies

10. BOO


Boo’s character in “Monsters Inc.” was played by Mary Gibbs, she was a little then. The production of the film almost does not get to record anything, so they turned to follow her around the studio and record achievement words as she played. Which they were used to arm Boo dialogue throughout the film.

11. Mickey and Minnie Mouse


The voices of those adorable little mice, were interpreted by Wayne Allwine and Russi Taylor, who were married.