13 rooms incredibly hidden

Look these 13 incredibly hidden rooms and be amazed at how you can hide things in places that you least expect. And is that who ever thought about hiding some room for the rest of the world? For in these houses there and show you the next.

In medieval times, it was common to find that the castles or houses of the great nobles of the monarchy, had some rooms or secret passageways to communicate the different terrains. As well as in different world wars, these mechanisms were used to protect the leaders of both sides.

Discuss this type of accommodation in the XXI century is a bit strange, but beyond that is hidden in these rooms today we highlight the originality and inventiveness that these people have to adapt your dream home yet and including hidden rooms

¿You like to have a hidden room in your home ?? If you striking options we present these 13 incredibly hidden rooms.

Any library can become a secret door to any room.


A hole in the floor? Not at all! a slide for your secret room.


And what better than a hidden room with tv furniture that seems not move anyone


And for children, it is an adventure to have this kind of hidden in-room quarters.


The bottles are a sign that there is no wall there. Instead, there is a secret room


And with this secret room, you get a surprise. A think anyone behind the rock would have much modernity.


And you could say about this amazing bathroom which has a sauna built


Or behind a bookcase, built a bathroom.


And these stairs, which will give you the option of running away from home for an alternate route


Or simply you have a game room under the stairs.


In any case, wherever it may be useful to have a hidden room.


That would be amazing to have an underground garage. Much like James Bond.


Even in the smallest places, you can find these hidden rooms