11 reasons to be Single

Are you worried about not having a partner? Do not worry! Watch these 11 reasons why being single is the best choice for your life.  Sure you’ll change your mind!

See all times perfect lives in social networks, where thousands of boyfriends show the world that their love is inderruible and who live a dream relationship, certainly is very boring for those not yet found who should be the person to sleep with us on a rainy afternoon or that reveals to us at night after a heated argument.

I know because I lived and there are times when, despite enjoy a unique tranquility, we enter the desire to have a friend, accomplice and lover. However, do not pay attention to everything you see publicly and pay attention to this will tell you then. For more incredibly, definitely there is nothing better than being single. Read it, you convince you shall love be so


Permission to travel? What is that?


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When you are single you and only you are the one who decides what is the best time to make a spectacular trip, how long you delay you and what is the destination to visit. You do not have to agree with anyone or make sacrifices.

You don’t have to divide the time between your partner and friends


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And this happens because quite simply have no obligation to anyone, nothing binds you, and if you look right, you can stay in the company of your best friends or friends.There is no room for balance!

You can spend you each want deranged


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Being single does not even need to be arranging all the time for someone. Only if you want to you use provocative lingerie, if you want one you use suggestive pajamas, only if you want you go to the hairdresser.

You don’t think about checking cell


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Tranquility and foremost this is cool! You’re not going to sour the day when you wrote your partner or not, you have to be aware what he’s seeing, let alone going to depress you if you do not enter this one call.

You can spend time with yourself as you want


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This is the best of being single: spend time alone with you and discover things you never thought you’d have! Know more, you start to love solitude and you become aware that it is necessary and healthy.

Enjoy more of your great friendships


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This point is also a fortune. You will not have to be complicándote life if your partner hates your friends or any of them in particular, do not have to get away from them to please and just have the obligation to have fun when you attend to the place you choose and company who you want.

You don`t feel afraid to lose someone


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And much less miss you. Is not that this is one of the healthiest and most beautiful feelings that may exist?Brings much peace bachelorhood! There is only the fear of losing ourselves and any excess.

No guilt


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You discover you have a commitment to be faithful to your being alone. You are in the right age to go wrong and straighten the way when you want to start.

Just make decisions for yourself


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If you want to go to study in the other hand, if you have a project in mind and must include courtesy to your partner … No! When you are single there is no room for this you have the freedom to decide just for you and your future.

You aware every you want


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What do you buy a pair of shoes without reproach you?Super! What you saved only for that dress you brought crazy for months? Excellent! When you’re single you do not have to think or your partner’s birthday or that of your mother. And that’s wonderful …