11 rare dishes around the world

Look at the 11 most rare around the world and be surprised with culinary delights find these dishes. Although some are somewhat unpleasant and disgusting, for others, it is a typical food of each region.

In every culture, we can find some dishes that will not be to everyone’s taste. Since they are become too quirky for anyone who knows first.

Every culture has a way of eating and manage their different food, you’ll find places where eating meat is rare, while in some cultures, this dish makes major part of every meal. But the dishes we present today are much more than simple dietary changes. They are true culinary revolution, which not everyone is willing to try.

Would test some of these dishes ??, while you decide, we invite you to meet these 11 dishes around the world.

1. Balut


This dish has gained through the years, the prize for the most unusual dish. Balut is typical in Southeast Asia, is an egg fertilized chicken or duck. The embryo should already be formed and cooked like a boiled egg. This dish is high in protein and is an aphrodisiac. you get in the stalls of the countries of Southeast Asia and is accompanied with beer.

2. Sandwich Brain


This Sandwich believe it or not, it is a dish that is widely consumed in Missouri, USA. This dish consists of veal brains cut into steaks and sintered. It is served with all the ingredients of a normal sandwich. You’ll also get similar dishes in places like Mexico and El Salvador. Tacos and burritos, as well in Uruguay you will find them on the grill.

3. Camel filler.


As its name implies, it is a stuffed camel. This is filled with a whole lamb and 20 chickens. To make this dish, place inside the camel lamb and lamb within 20 chickens are placed in chickens and rice and boiled eggs is added. This is roasted on the fire until the meat is cooked can be served. This dish will find in the guinness book of records.

4. Insects


Although this dish is better known, it is no less uncomfortable. It is marketed mostly in Asia, in the streets of Bangkok. Where its streets you will find dishes such as crickets, spiders, scorpions, grasshoppers and worms. And it sounds unpleasant, these foods are high in protein content. And also you can eat it in the oven.

5. Fugu


This translated into English word tells us blowfish. The curious thing about this fish is that their meat is actually poison can be fatal. This dish can only chefs prepare a special preparation of more fingers years and who have passed a special test. The fish really is not very rich, so we assume that people consume more for the adrenaline of not dying.

6. Casu Marzu


This cheese is really special. Comes from Sardinia, Italy, where if translated the name will be rotten cheese. It is a creamy cheese undone larvae. These help the fermentation leading to the verge of rotting cheese. If you want to taste the cheese, we recommend you try the larvae before.

7. Haggis


In Scotland, it is celebrated on January 25 Burns dinner where typical food is the haggis. In this case it is a saddle made of offal, lung, liver and heart of sheep or lamb mixed with onions, spices and flour stuffed into a bag animal stomach, this is cooked for 20 hours. It accompanied with mashed potatoes.

8. Rocky Mountain oysters.


Although the name says it, it’s a completely different dish. And no, they are not oysters. This dish is very popular in Canada and the US. And prepared with buffalo testicles but may be bull or pork. In this case, to prepare, peel and boil the testicles, then passed into a mixture of flour and finally fritan. They are served in a smooth sauce to accompany.

9 Hakari


This typical Icelandic dish, you can find throughout the year in local shops and recognize due to the smell of ammonia that has. This dish is made with gutted shark which is left to ferment for two months. This is served diced.

10 Sannakji


It is a very gelatinous dish, is a Korean dish that contains many living baby octopus cut into small pieces. It is flavored with sesame oil and serve. When served, the pieces of octopus even move and you can stick the suction cups in the throat or mouth. A truly exotic dish.

11. Beer human bones


This beer is a ritual food. Cocomo Indians ethnicity in Peru for centuries made this beer, anthropologists call “compassionate cannibalism”. Beer is made from the bones of a deceased before being consumed by the family, thus ensuring that the spirit of the person continues to live in his family.