19 pictures that show People in the Friendzone

We dedicate this article to all those people who feel identified with the photos will then. We present 19 photos that show what the area friendzone or friendship. For those who are not contextualized with this term, the friendzone is, nothing more and nothing less than the best friend is in love with the other person. And never will you care.
Is aimed see this situation of men to women, ie, the best friend in love with the beautiful girl who does not pay attention, or simply “I want as a friend.” This phrase used above, has been teased, and is almost a hymn friendzone.
There are different ways to express and display these in the friendzone, and they will display them below, but first of all, we mean that although we know that is a situation quite uncomfortable and difficult to the point you do not know if that person you really you want or is taking advantage of you. It is better to be honest and out of this situation, better to be a tamarind time thousand times faded.

Our first Friendzone, is when you’re the chair of your friend. Obviously, you will not care, or else you would not on the floor !!!


Although good, some do it with more style.


The difference between a knight and friendzone. The gentleman helps pass without being caught bridge !!!


Sometimes, very few have any advantage being in friendzone.


Please be a losing bet, and not really a meeting of the girls and their “best friends”


The friendzone commonly measured by levels, and this is a much higher level.


Not necessarily be a chair. If you’re the table, it will also serve.


And you can develop very sensitive talents in the area of friendship.


Social networks are specialists in such cases revealing the friendzone



And if not enough, carry all your purchases you may also add points.


While you will always see you as the Friendzone


This friendzone is extreme level! If you don’t have a car, you have to improvise.


And friendzone of fairy tales, recreating when Prince made him a Cinderella slipper. Or something like that


No matter what age, no one is exempt from falling into the friendzone.


Dilates more like a friend who is in the friendzone, to tie your hair with this delicacy.


Such images leaves you speechless to anyone.


At this time, you should determine that you are in the wrong place.


Instead of following literally being trampled.


But if it’s any consolation to someone … There are people who achieved !!!


Traslate: I finally found a guy worth keeping, and was disguised as my best friend all the time.
He succeeded!!