21 pictures take at the right moment

The coincidences in life, if any. As proof of this, today we bring you these 21 pictures taken at the right time. Photographers where experts have demonstrated their ability to time to take unique photographs of a kind. I probably will not be repeated 2 times. In other cases, they are amateur photographs that have come to go around the world because of what represents that very moment and not let slip the opportunity to photograph.

To show, in this case, these opportunities for photos taken at an exact time. It gives the opportunity for all us to open more eyes and find those exact moments that can not be repeated, and photograph. To be eternal in these photos taken at the right time.

Discover the funny, amazing and frightening images of the right time and we invite you to make yours. Of course, any act dangerous. Because many of these pictures, the actors came not delivered good bruises and shock.

Anyone would that look of disgust, knowing that the bruise will be !!


Small animals cheats !! And the funniest thing is how he mocks the lady behind.


Run Forrest, whether in the water !! Because the blow will be terrible


Nothing amazing to see everyday objects at the right time! This is what actually happens in a light bulb.


Record or run? Excellent question.


And this, ladies and gentlemen, was the last picture you took that camera


Amazing picture of the effect of nature.


And more than one he is trying not to think bad LOL


An effect very cartoon!


Who said that witches only come out at night and long robe?


The party of the life of this man. Do not ever forget, nor his jaw.


Cute and naughty kitty.


These accidents so typical college … Or not ??


This is what happens every time you pop a water pump.


This photo works in many ways, but the question is: Is a picture of love or friendzone? You judge it.


Talent that I can create this room, only sand!


What a pain! Although you know it feels like flying.


And we all envision the end of this scene, like a cartoon!


This is the right time where you know something in engineering and calculation error.


Another time just very military style.


These athletes are professionals in falls.  Do you think?