55 Amazing pictures of millionaires in Dubai

Look this 55 amazing pictures of millionaires in Dubai. Dubai, is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates. To find tours and hotels in Dubai can visit many interesting sites where you’ll Dubai tourism extraordinary things that make billionaires and rich emirate of UAE.

You’ll be impressed by how the rich live in Dubai. With these 55 photos you’ll see a reality of hotels, activities, parties, bars, restaurants in Dubai where want to be always on vacation.

If you want to go to Dubai we suggest going to a travel agency that will facilitate tourism in this part of the world. The travel agency is essential in these places by differences in language, traditions and culture, the way we live and behave are different.

Dubai located in the Persian Gulf, belongs to the United Arab Emirates. Next door is his brother Emirate, Abu Dhabi. Dubai has an area of ​​just over 4,000 km2. Dubai has an international airport south of Deira. It belongs to the Arabian desert, but have a difference with the southern part of the desert, and prevailing sandy deserts when further south we find gravel. Dunes often reddish, are due to iron oxide.

Its climate is tropical desert, with very hot and humid summers. Also keep in mind the winds, especially at this time of year. The temperature can be higher than the 40th during the day, to spend a night at approximately 30 degrees. However, during the winter the temperature is more pleasant. We can find maximum of 20 and minimum of 15 degrees at night.

In the 70s Dubai had great economic dependence on its oil production. At the moment this is not true anymore, and only 5% of its gross domestic product is the oil and gas industry. That is why the Government of Dubai has become in recent years a significant effort in diversifying its economy. That is why it is said that the emirate is “brother” Abu Dhabi the financing of investments in the emirate because this if it has the largest oil reserves.

You’ll find breathtaking Fireworks, and Burj Khalifa Tower, the highest in the world, it will look awesome


Dubai is wonderful night. Sometimes, there are fireworks dazzle everyone. The most impressive fireworks out of the Burj Khalifa, 828 meters high and is the highest in the world.



But they are no less precious sources that “dance” to the rhythm of Middle Eastern music.


It is the world’s largest dancing fountain. It is located in the Burj Khalifa artificial lake and has more than 6,000 lights and 25 color projectors. It cost $ 218 million. It opened in May 2009.


You can drive a fast car and beautiful gold plated



And park in the hotel entrance, and the bellboy will park it for you



Although if you do not like yellow gold color, you can have white gold



But if you want to draw more attention, you can drive the Batman car



Therefore it is important that police cars are also fast, like this Bugatti


The cars of the Dubai police are the most luxurious and fastest in the world. They Bugatti, Mercedes SLS AMG ($ 243,000) Lamborghini Aventador ($ 410,000), Ferrari FF ($ 338,000) Aston Martin One-77Q ($ 182,000), Bentley Continental GT ($ 234,000), Ford Mustang Shelby Roush (105,000 USD ) BMW M6 Gran Coupe ($ 170,000)


Or like the Ferrari driven by women police



Since sometimes they have to fine drivers who stick their head out the window



Or even companions look back a bit challenging



The problem for the police is Dubai that drivers talking on cell phones, the problem is who is the co-pilot



What does a Dubai-skis and wearing feathered?


Recall that we can reach Dubai in summer temperatures of 48 degrees Celsius or more.

For visiting Ski Dubai, one of the largest indoor ski resorts in the world


It has -1 degrees Celsius during the day and -6 degrees at night, when snow made.

Where you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the desert


It is located in the Mall of the Emirates Mall, and is owned by Majid Al Futtaim. It is the dance world’s longest indoor skiing, with 400 meters.


You can visit and stay at the Burj Al Arab Hotel, which was built on an artificial island and is the most luxurious in the world



You can reach the Hotel by car, as in this white Rolls Royce Phantom



Upon arrival you can enjoy the wireless Internet with their iPad and iPhone will offer gold at reception



And then can get to your room where all the unimaginable luxuries are at your disposal



But you can also reach the hotel by air, where a heliport on the roof let your helicopter landing



But also at the heliport you can make the wedding of your dreams



Or play a good game of tennis



But be careful you do not drop the ball, it will be a little difficult to regain



And you can also drive a formula 1, amazing is not it?




Or play a round of golf



If you want a romantic dinner, you can do on the outskirts of Dubai in the desert



Eating the dishes of exquisite Arabian food



Where to find flatware gold plated to sample delicacies such rich



Although you may seem, you can also enjoy a restaurant in Dubai bar, Chillout, to -6 degrees celsius


Chillout is an ice bar in Dubai. Your stay should not last more than 40 minutes and can take cold drinks including cocktails and juices, hot drinks, such as chocolate, coffee or tea. Also you can eat sushi, appetizers and sandwiches. This Icebar ice has beautiful designs with steel and glass lighting LED lights. A whole eccentricity in the desert.


You can enjoy ATMs instead of giving me money …



… Get small gold bars!



With that money, or gold, you can visit luxury shopping centers,



they seem luxurious palaces, and have up aquarium



Aquarius love you look very carefully …



especially in the company of the younger members of the house



Gold in Dubai is everywhere, I offer it in many jewelry stores



You can also surf in the desert, close to Dubai



You can also go rafting



And surf in the desert



Racing camels, where you can direct your camel with a robot, without mount



Then play a football with friends. This is gold and diamonds



Because if you like football you can drive the Ferrari with the photo of your favorite team players



And you can see Maradona walking in Dubai, where usually go much …