16 pictures of adorables Babies and Pets

What tender these 16 pictures of babies with their pets, dogs and cats. They are endearing !! So we invite you to the visualize, and we are sure that will cheer your day.

We know that the dog is man’s best friend, but some prefer cats, but no doubt, who have a dog or a cat at home, are like part of their family. So much so that even they leave the care of their babies so cute these animals.

Who is more tender puppy or baby ?, that is your choice. it is believed that there are over 800 breeds of dog, more than any other animal. These vary in size, character, coat, etc., and most of the time have very good relationship with the man. Curiously, it is estimated that worldwide there are 400 million dogs.
Every dog breed is more prone to anything in particular. Eg guard dogs, or hunting, or company. There are also those who are specialists in running races.

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