14 Photos only for people with “Irony”

Have fun in these 14 very erotic pictures as man is not rational to say. The irony and sarcasm makes us laugh sometimes.

This is an inconsistency between what we expect to see and what actually happens. The prospect that the individual himself is before these photos is crucial because we do not expect to see. Not all events are humorous ironic or funny, as it depends on which side of the table you can put very little funny. In this list you will see pictures below, you’ll see a crane taking another crane. For the viewer who sees this he can be very funny this irony picture, but for the driver of the damaged crane will not be much.

All this would be in most cases of comic irony. However there are different types of irony. For example there is the “tragic irony” that serves as a resource to increase a dramatic situation more dramatic if possible. This kind of irony as it was in ancient Greece and became very popular in the Greek theaters where they were used to give more drama to the scenes in question.

Irony often requires a minimum cultural level to get to understand them, so it has been considered sometimes to irony as an intelligent humor, which not everyone can get to understand it. Although the 14 photos have not claimed that not understand, if not the opposite, just have fun.


fotos-ironia-01 fotos-ironia-02 fotos-ironia-03 fotos-ironia-04 fotos-ironia-05 fotos-ironia-06 fotos-ironia-07 fotos-ironia-08 fotos-ironia-09 fotos-ironia-11 fotos-ironia-12 fotos-ironia-13 fotos-ironia-14