10 curious of the Past

Discover and 10 incredibly curious pictures of the past, which show you how to live a few years and some eccentricities that happened in the past does. To protect health or to stoke different customs of the time, you’ll find other strange and curious inventions.

We can see in these pictures of the past different customs, habits and tendencies that arise in society and everyday life of people of the time. All this may come to be seen with various modifications through different generations. It is clear that customs will transmitted from generation to generation, orally or representative form. And over time it becomes traditions.

The years change and the evolution of society has led some of these inventions or habits are judged badly or have evolved to become useless. But always worth remembering some of these curious pictures of the past.

The best way to bring books to people in the hospital. Amazing


And You don’t be surprised, in those times distributed the Whisky as well.


The wing of the babies in the hospital in World War II.



Despite the years, the special effects have always existed within photographs or movies.


A curious way of watching TV.


The bowling of ancient times where boys used to accommodate the pines.


And a reign of Miss Atomic Bomb.


And a bear, who was in a cafe in the 50’s


And that cute puppy dressed like someone from that era.


And the zip line was used by everyone at this time