17 people who are having a Really Bad Day

Look these 17 pictures of people who have had a bad day and have fun with these curious scenes that have happened to the people who get up on the wrong foot. So you can get a smile in this day and discover that there are people who have had worse days than yours.

Although many of these little accidents, may be covered by life insurance, and insurance against theft, many others simply have to laugh and avoid oversights for future occasions and accept that in life, there are days that luck accompanies and anything could go wrong right now.

¿Have you had very bad days ?? Tell us!! And have fun with these eccentric images of people who do not have very good luck and case, life insurance purchase, to avoid so many things that can happen on the day.

It will be a good day until you water your hailed in the car.


And hope you have insurance against theft for truck !! Or else goodbye to the radio.


And this little fault of engineering, will enrage many people.


Party amazing owner of this car, now how do I get him out?


Who ensures the stairs?


Let’s get the dessert the car


And this happens not read on the floor warn that there is fresh paint.


And this happens when you buy a Iphone someone who walks down the street in China


And now as you arrive to your place of destination.


Poor the car owner or the owner of the crane.


This happens when you do not measure the room to pass under the bridge!


Fresh concrete, Where?


The goal is to put gas … or remove it.


After a party, so you can get the car.


Translation: I was cooking a cake and I did not realize that my cell boat inside the cake … I’m crying.


We do not know how this plane could get there.


And no dead could rest in peace.