New Marijuana´s Cigarrette by Marlboro

This news caused a stir in recent days, as the grand launch of the new Marlboro M by Phillip Morris, which begin distribution in the states of Colorado and Washington in the United States.

The pack model was also published, which gave credibility to the audience.

The interesting thing of note was that many welcomed the news stating it was an interesting innovation.

This would certainly be a story that would change things dramatically, legalizing this type of product and make a pitch at this level, by one of the largest companies in the world, set a precedent for children, youth and adults.


The truth at the end of all, it was he who spread the information was a recognized portal called jokes, who is dedicated to publish such content.

Many people firmly believe such news, the power of social networks and the Internet make it spread at breakneck speed. Other cases are portals in that sense Panamericana News also often generate discussion on political issues, things that are not true.

In any case, what would be your position on an eventual approval of this type of product ?, How many would like to buy a pack of Marlboro M?