7 Natural Phenomena that you didn´t knew existed

Discover these seven phenomena of nature that will leave impressed. They are not very common, for which we are sure many of them do not know.

Nature can be very destructive, but also very beautiful. You may find light beams (pillars) in Finland. Small population, but stunningly beautiful, and so yes, very cold. In Pakistan you can find trees and trees completely invaded by spiders that create a spectacular landscape.

Volcanoes, very dangerous, may offer an incredible show with its volcanic storms, like Caulle in Chile. In Colombia it is said to exist in the world’s most beautiful river, Caño Cristales, or rather called the river of 5 colors, as in some months of the year vegetation in the river itself causes a mixture of stunning colors.

The Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, is not far behind. It is amazing how a large esplanade salt may seem even ocean. Simply spectacular.

And others the more we leave you so you can see

1. Light Pillars in Ruka, Finland


2. Plague trees spiders in Pakistan



3. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia



4. Awesome hole in Guatemala (after a storm)



5. Volcanic Storm Caulle Volcano in Chile



6. Caño crystals, the river of 5 colors. Colombia




7. The mysterious hidden beach, Marietas Islands, Mexico