17 movies with special effects Before-After

Today we will reveal some secrets of the magic of cinema through its special effects. Meet and discover these 17 films with and without special effects and marvel at this Before – After all the great works of cinema.
Everyone knows that the films meet to always tell a story and generate some feelings about each generated situations. So we find this art in different genres like horror, mystery, drama, comedy, children and others. And within each of these categories, directors and producers decide to use the famous special effects (mostly in fantasy films).
Thanks to these special effects achieved through various entertainment programs and editing movies reach the exact spot they need to give their message and let viewers fly with your imagination to distant and strange lands or worlds totally different from ours .
Here we leave a before-after these films and will influence both the special effects in them.

  • Amazing scenery, shame that is the result of editing equipment.


  • One of the movies with more special effects, but the story warrants. Alice in Wonderland.


  • Landmarks that never really existed


  • And this creepy image of Batman was just photoshop !! Goodness


  • And the film had an incredible fuck Gravity for its special effects.


  • This terrifying monster exists only in the computers of production.


  • Another film with great special effects is the Avengers.


  • Also this film Wizard of Oz.


  • The Great Gatsby does represent fashion and style of his time.


  • Welcome to New York. OH it is just a recording studio.


  • All kinds of images can be created through these green screens.


In addition to the locations where water can be replaced with green cloth.


  • Football game !! And all this thanks to animation.


  • Weather effects are the best representation As we see in the snow.


  • Legendary places are also created computer.


  • Life of Pi, an excellent representation of movies with special effects, but look at this tiger !!


  • And where she was found shipwrecked raft for some time.