12 most original Stairs of the World

We show the 12 most original stairs of the world and be amazed with the originality and practicality that can have these stairs in the homes of each of us.

The stairs were a vital part in the development of architecture throughout the ages, depending on the style houses had in past centuries, so it was the design of the stairs. Some of these styles have remained to this day. In this case, we can see spiral stairs, stairs with landings or landings, stairs and back or the imperial staircase.

Well, maybe, these people have decided to go further. risking a little fun and original styles. Further, their homes have a touch of originality with these most original stairs of the world that we have collected through the web. For children and adults, this is the best way to enjoy the fun stairs maybe you can apply at home.

Ideal for children, this ladder comes with slide included and excellent shelf.


And a ladder as the backbone, grim and original.


Multipurpose ladder, desk and drawers built.


And with this design ladder, anyone is going to be sick. It’s great.


A style from the earth. In this amazing staircase.


Thousand and drawers together on this ladder !!


A very colonial and romantic style. For a Hollywood star


I design most natural, with all the style of nature in him.


Waves and waves !!


A kill any image. Imagine those who live there.


The first photo is a view from above and the second is as seen from the front, very uneven and original.



To sit up and read. With a modern and minimalist style.