13 most dangerous roads to go to the School

Today, it is common to find children complaining about having to attend school or school. Since rather they stay playing Xbox or be with friends. And in some contexts, this situation really makes us forget the value of education and that, for some people, receiving these classes are challenging.

With these images, we give a small collection on the hard situation they have to spend some children to reach their schools and school sites.

According to UNESCO, the infrastructure in these countries has improved, but the results may not become palpable. Since weather conditions and different socio – political handlers in these countries are adverse to improving these situations for children.

The moral of all this is that we must always be very grateful for all we have. For such situations daily living other people, and in this case children. We demonstrate the valuable things we have to every day and constantly put aside and not value. We invite everyone, to tell us your opinion on this situation and congratulate these brave children who go forward step by step.

Kerala, India


Cilangkap, Indonesia


Riau, Indonesia


Delhi, India


Galle Fort, Sri Lanka


Padang, Indonesia


Gulu, China


Pili, China


Zanscar, Himalaya indio


Zhang Jiawan, China


Rizal, Filipinas