9 Curious meetings between famous people

Discover these 9 curious meetings between famous people as they normally do not associate what each, actors, politicians, singers, to gather themselves to get a drink or go to the movies together.

Sometimes these celebrities have been friends for a long time, but the rest of us only associate with movies and if they have worked together. At other times they are the same singers who have to make records together after a hard day’s work they decide to spend a fun evening.

There is a curious meeting between Michael Jackson and Woody Allen.

Michael was dedicated to many humanitarian actions and says he was able to donate more than $ 300 million. Michael is called the King of Pop, and his figure will always remain in our memories. Curious to see the story of Michael Jackson when shooting a spot for Pepsi had an accident and suffered third-degree burns. Pepsi will subsequently offset by $ 1.5 million, this donated to the hospital where he was assisted. Moreover Woody Allen has been a great director, even actor in countless films.