13 Impressive Secrets Toy Story

Discover 13 breathtaking secrets of one of the highest grossing films of all time, Toy Story. These series through its 3 deliveries have excited and love to everyone. With the history of these toys and lives with little andy boy and living life as it passes various adventures in which they are involved.

This entirely computer animated film, was released in 1995 and holds the title of the first fully animated digital effects in film history tape. This film became the highest grossing US and Canada in its first weekend of exhibition and collected more than $ 500 million in its first delivery.

The second part was released in 1999 winning his first Golden Globe and nominated for an Oscar. and the third part released in 2010 raised more than 1.063 billion dollars and was the winner of a Golden Globe for best animated film and two Oscar winner for best animated film and best original song.

As a surprise, in November this year, Disney announced the completion of Toy Story 4 and will be released on June 16, 2017.

Well, after this reference about the film we will show these 13 hidden in the 3 secrets Toy Story movies.

1. World Map


Behind Andy’s bed, there is a world map marked with pins. Well, these markers correspond to the places of origin of the production team of the film.

2. Dinoco


Many references and brands are shared between different Disney Pixar films, in this case Dinoco talk about the brand, the first Toy Story film appears to be a gas station where Andy’s mother tanking. And then Cars is a major sponsor brand to Lightning McQueen

3. Cars 2


Looking at the posters of cars Andy’s bed, we see Finn McMissile, one of the cars that will debut in ‘Cars 2’. This is an Aston Martin James Bond style.

4. Luxo


Luxo es the logo`s Pixar, very  logowidely recognized by all, and is also hidden in Toy Story 1 in red color.

5. Pilas Buy N Large


Buzz Lightyear doesn’t work with any brand of batteries. These are branded Buy n Large, directly brought from ‘WALL • E’.

6. Toys hidden


In several Disney films we can see hidden toys, this is the case with classical yellow ball with blue stripe and red star. Which it made its first appearance in Toy Story 1

7. Pixar University


Andy’s room has a pendant with the letters “PU” in clear reference to the actual education program “Pixar University”.

8. Original Movie Name


The first name for the film thought was: “You are a toy” (“You are a toy”).

9. Buzz


Buzz Lightyear “was to be called” Lunar Larry. That was his original name.

10. Barbie


Barbie is not on the tape number one. This is because Mattel had not authorized the image is used, because he believed that the film would be a flop.

When they saw that it was not, let Barbie appeared in the following films. Because of this, the first film in the role of “Little Bo Peep”, it would be for Barbie.

11. 95


Hinting that the first film was released in 1995, three films in much the number “95” appears.

12. Libros de Andy


The books appear in the shelf Andy, bear titles of jobs that the company Pixar has done, while other workers the names of the same company. For example, “The Adventures of Andre and Wally B”, “Knick Knack.”

13 Hasbro


Another company that did not allow the appearance of his toys was Hasbro. Who he denied full participation in the film GI Joe, when they realized it would be “abused” by Sid, the mischievous neighbor Andy (owner boy toys). So the creators of Toy Story decided to use military cartoons that we all now know.