9 Ideas for Halloween very curious

Discover these nine ideas for Halloween parties that will leave impressed. We do not know if they are the prettiest or most disastrous, but certainly not leave you indifferent.

Halloween is not just a way of dressing, is a way to fly creativity, so it is important to always have on hand different ideas that can help make that very special dress, peculiar at this time.

Scary is synonymous with success in these makeup or costumes. Imagination to power. The combination of colors, bright, dark, or garish, are some of the qualities that we can awaken the public to have. You know it or not, that create fear, they are terrifying, etc, are some of the qualities that we find in these costumes.

Makeup, originality, “draw attention” all those things are interesting to be the king or queen of the party. Well, here we leave 9 original ideas that we hope will attract attention equally have called us.

Not only can be scary, as well you can show your beauty


If you are good makeup, you can always create dark monsters like this …



When it comes to fear, you can choose options like this …



A beauty a little special, right?



You must not lose the sense of humor. this is a good example



If you’re a fan of the Walking Dead series, you can try a disguise “hiker”



And if you’re a fan of the series “Game of Thrones” accomplish things like this …



The film Halloween, may as well be a source of inspiration



And do not forget to decorate the streets with pretty pumpkins. Nice right?