17 hiding places in the world

We present these 17 places hidden from the world, or alternatively, that very few people have had the opportunity to visit. Thanks to web 2.0, now we are allowed to know those places that are hidden to the general public and to enter required in many cases a membership or VIP pass.

Some of these places on the planet hiding big secrets that could potentially change humanity and that such information is handled only by senior authorities of these entities. Moreover, you can see hidden places that fulfilled functions in medieval times or so sounded the wars that humanity has suffered.

Now, here we leave these sites so that you decide who you think the most interesting and strange.

1. Club Bilderberg

This club meets once a year and can only be entered with a formal invitation. On average, it is estimated that about 130 people among which major participants distinguished name in the business, academic, military and political spheres meet. This meeting is supposed to talk about leading the world economic order and conspiring to create a world order.


2. Emergency Operations Center Mount Weather

Government facilities located in Virginia United States. Where you can find many absolutely classified and which is an underground bunker in case he were to generate any threat or any kind of nuclear world war military operations. In the attack on the twin towers, several cars were directed from the White House to this area. It is under the command of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.


3. Office 39

It is the most secret organizations of North Korea, and its main function is to seek foreign currency for the family of Kim Jong-li, president of North Korea. It was established in the 70s and is the cornerstone of the economy of the royal family. Very little is really known about this organization, it has said that this involved with illegal actions, which the government has refused and assume that their facilities are located inside the building Workers’ Party in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea .


4.White´s Gentlemen´s club 

This club was created in 1693 in London and is one of the most exclusive clubs in the world, which can only enter with an invitation and must be supported by 2 members older to enter. You must be a man and be the most important in any industry. In the beginning it was created to sell chocolate. That was one of the most exclusive products of the time. We now know that in this place the most bets are eccentric and have a book dedicated only to this.


5. Pine Gap

This satellite monitoring station in the United States and Australia. It is located in the center of the last country mentioned. And to this day no one knows why it’s there or that performs activities. You can not fly within 18,000 feet above it and for that reason there have been several hypotheses place: First, that manufacture and build UFOs ships, since the locals have seen devices that style flying over the area, other it says that it is an underground city since it is full of food continuously for United States. Is also said to be one of the places where controls the world by satellite as in Menwith Hill, accordingly, collect all information about the world in South America, Central America and Europe and Alaska stored in computers and other strategic points of the planet


6. Vatican Secret Archive

A classic of a lifetime, is one of the centers of the world, where they have collected more than 150,000 documents and 800 years of history largest research. To enter this place, you should have a unique and special permit issued by the high command of the Vatican and in turn, there are places in this file that even these people can enter.


7. Club 33 – Disney

This club will find in New Orleans, East Park Place is easily recognizable because it has the number 33 located on the gate. But impossible to enter, to achieve this, you must cancel a membership of nearly 30,000 dollars and wait a few years to be accepted. This club is the only place in the park where alcohol-club parties, then they close the park is sold.


8. Grand Shrine of Ise

It is located in Japan, basically is the sum of more than 100 temples that should be demolished and rebuilt every 20 years, as it maintains the belief of death and reincarnation. In this place, there is the Naiku, the mythological mirror of Japanese culture. I end up in the hands of the emperors. Now this site’ll never know, because the only ones who can enter are the priests and priestesses of the royal family. Its last reconstruction was in 2013.


9 Área 51

One of the best known secret locations around the world, this name was given by the CIA since 1967, and speaks of a military base that is located in Nevada, United states. It’s a secret military airfield, its function is to support the development of weaponry and take tests with experimental aircraft. This place has come to be considered a key part of all theories about UFOs on the planet. It is rumored that an alien spaceship in which it is currently considering.


10 Metro 2 de Moscú

This meter is assumed that was built under the conventional system of the city. It is assumed that was built by the KGB in the Stalin era. No government confirms this theory, is supposed to be longer than the traditional public system. This system would connect the Kremlin with headquarters federal security service or the underground city Ramenki


11. Mezhgorye Rusia

This place is totally Russian secret is in the Ural mountains, in a prohibited area and says that between 1996 and 2007 have built an underground complex, is not known to it or that it serves, but it is very large. Officially, it is said that in this place work the iron and steel industry that is directed by a former regional Communist official is made. For many people in this place you will find the refuge of the last line of the Russian leadership in the event of total war. Others say that nuclear weapons are hidden.


12. Bohemian Club

Founded in California, USA in 1872, it has about 2,000 participants men, in which leading politicians, businessmen and economists meet. This is an esoteric and occult organization where inspiration Druidic pagan ceremonies are performed. The symbol of the Bohemian Club is an owl.


13 Raf Menwith Hill

This place is situated in Yorkshire – England and there operates the Echelon spy system signals. This is the largest network of espionage and analysis to intercept electronic communications in history. Controlled by the UKUSA, consisting of US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. All classified information electronically and classified. Daily received 3 billion communications daily.

Rumor has it that from there they send messages to the global economy, in turn, the largest for every human being on the planet file is located. In existence since 1954 but only discover it until 2001.


14. Sewer Museum Paris

Walk from the Eiffel Tower to the Seine. You find an entrance to the old sewer, you will find near the Orsay Museum and the bridge of the soul. In this post you will see the amazing achievements in the nineteenth century with respect to engineering. All this in the museum located in the visitable part of the sewers of Paris.


15. Channels of Antwerp

In the Middle Ages, they were famous Antwerp channels that were used to protect the city, using the inner harbor and the water supply system. Centuries later, they filled with walls and became Sewer. By the 90s, the sewer system was reorganized and you can visit the tunnels of Antwerp.


Tunnels under 16. Cape Town, South Africa

Built by the Dutch conquerors in 1652, at that time the Cape was known as Little Amsterdam and today you can visit these tunnels. The visits are organized in advance and cancel if there is much rain.


17 flood control reservoir of tokyo

Underground reservoir located on the outskirts of the Japanese city, you can always visit this place in the morning on Tuesdays and Thursdays.