11 gold objects very ridiculous

We show the 11 gold objects very ridiculous. Discover the eccentricities for which you can expect to pay people. And be surprised with the most absurd objects, coated in gold, begin to cost a lot.

For if, in objects like these, we can see how eccentric has become the world. Everyday objects which some people are willing to pay 20 times more, just because of being covered or made of gold. We assume that the people who buy these objects, they see some utility to spend so much. For us, they are simply absurd objects but leave it to your opinion. ¿If you had the money to buy these items, would you ??.

Meanwhile, we leave you with the 11 most ridiculous objects of gold.

1. The most expensive TV in the world


This beautiful 55-inch TV company PrestigeHD is covered with 28 kilos of pink gold, 72 diamonds and sewn alligator hand, if you like quirky enough, calculate the price. 2.3 million dollars !! Welcome to the world of luxury and eccentricities.

2. Diamond


And with you, the more expensive iPod world. For only 41,000 dollars, you can buy this iPod shuffle is solid white and pink gold and in turn, has 430 diamonds, you’ll find even the headphones. It is simply absurd!

3. The world’s most expensive toilet.


And as if we’ve gone mad. Or so we think to see this toilet jewelry created by Hang Fung. Made entirely of 24 carat solid gold. And of course, it is already in the Guinness records. ¿You know how much this toilet ?? Nothing more, nothing less than 10 million. Just leave us without comment.

4. Staples gold


Believe it or not, we are talking about the same staples of life. Those that you use to sew your work and unite many documents so you do not lose. These objects in real life, have a minimum cost. But in this case, we show a clip of 14-karat gold each, and the cost is $ 79. And quiet, do not require a stapler to use gold. But we wonder who and what would sew with such staples?

5. Gold tablet


These pills gold exceeded any known level of eccentricity. These pills are coated with 24 carat gold and filled with gold leaf 24K. Each has a cost of 425 dollars and are displayed in a museum in New York

6. Golden Cushions


These beds are designed with gold thread, its cost varies between 1,000 and 3,000 dollars depending on the size, and well, creates a company that performed mattresses gold for humans and found it a better market making mattresses for animals.  Amazing, do not believe it?

7. Chocolates gold


These edible chocolates (although we are not aware), It costs 1250 dollars. It is collection of the Royal collection of gourmet cocoa. There are 12 chocolates made with gold, silver and diamonds.

8. Habano gold


This cigar is a luxury, and the funny thing is they will never smoke it. Since it was preserved in 24 carat gold and its price is only 424 dollars. Will there be people who really buy these items?

9. Xbox 360 Gold


For all addicted to games, this should be just a dream. And although it has no other news, this video game console is fully covered with 24 carat gold. Simply amazing.

10 Pink Gold


For 188 dollars you can buy this beautiful rose Goldgenie retained by the company. It is a rose covered with 24 carat gold, the main question is: What will be the lucky girl, to seize it with this pink?

11. Gold Ipad


This exemplary company last Apple (in which, for all its products there are gold-plated copies) is simply eccentric where you look. This Case is made entirely of 24 carat gold and weighs 2 kilos, plus the front of ipad is made with Canadian Ammolite 75 million years. This is considered the oldest rock in the world, within which parties find fossil of Tyrannosaurus Rex and if this is not enough, also accompanied by diamonds.

There are 2 in the world, 1 which has already been sold. And if you wonder how much is this cases, we will only require 8 million dollars to acquire. Simply absurd.