15 Funniest Neighbors Notes

You’ll laugh out loud at these 15 notes friendly (and some not so) that neighbors be notified of mishaps in the neighborhood that make it a little more difficult coexistence.

An example of these humorous letters between neighbors can find them on a TV series that was very famous in Spain “Here no one alive”. It was issued by Antena 3, Spain generalist channel, and tells the lively and coexistence among neighbors “Disappointment 21”. Nephews were Jose Luis Moreno, known ventriloquist and important audiovisual entrepreneur, those who created as producers and writers. They were Alberto and Laura Caballero.

It is said that the scripts have been worked since the success was not just a season, if I do not get five seasons, coon a total of 90 items. The last chapter was issued in July 2006, but subsequent replacements have also been remarkably successful. Among those who have spare channels are: Paramount Comedy and Neox.

So when you see this neighborhood 15 photos a little pissed off, you’ll have a laugh at the ingenuity that some neighbors have. We are sure that you will draw some attention.

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