Excellent 13 horror movies

Taking advantage of the month of Halloween and witches, we leave this list of the 13 scariest movies of cinema. So you can not sleep with these spectacular fright film productions.

Horror movies have always been a benchmark in the genre film. And although some productions have been tagged with bad scores, as many have become icons when scare someone. These types of movies are what you’ll be forced to see 31 October.

In this genre not only afraid of witches, as in ancient times. Now you will find monsters, demons, spirits and other curses in which you will see the terror that personifies the great actors and actresses of the genre.

We hope you can sleep tonight, after seeing these exciting films and tell What we do another film should enter this selection of the 15 scariest movies of cinema?

1. The Exorcist


One of the classic horror film. In this case, a girl is possessed by a demonic spirit. Therefore, the family goes to an exorcist who must release her from the demon. After this film, turn your head 360 degrees will not be as impossible

2. The Conjuring


This film released in 2013, was the rage in movie screens. It shows one case of Ed and Lorraine Warren parapsicologos, where a family of 5 start living on a farm that has been damn long. Will put the willies.

3. Devil Night


This movie is terrific and a very curious subject. We must accept that from Freddy Krueger, sleep had not been so dangerous. Besides his really shocking end.

4. The Others


A film that will keep you in suspense all the time. In it, Nicole Kidman shows an excellent role and an amazing dramatic performance despite being in the twilight.

5. Sixth Sense


Drama, suspense and horror add something to this classic film, where nothing is really what it seems. And we can always be surrounded by paranormal unknowingly or unintentionally.

6. The Shining


A cult movie that takes viewers analyze the reality in front of the different traumas that can generate closure and inner demons. That’s what will show us the protagonists of this terrifying film.

7. Drag Me to Hell


This horror film has generated rave reviews from viewers, and will make you think twice to get in the middle of a strange old woman who calls gypsy.

8. Sinister


Terrifying film that will show the terrible events that can trigger from a box of tapes abandoned. This film also be frightening, he takes the viewer through excited as they discover that research is what torments.

9. It, the murderer clown


How many has not this clown ?? terrified, although in this case “thing” could be any evil frightening image. And these kids are willing to fight it. Now, Are you willing to see this movie ?

10. Ring


This Japanese version is absurdly terrifying when this damn video alerts the person who will die in seven days, through a lot of very strange paranormal recomendadísima !!

11. Evil Dead


This film will take you to one of the strongest frame of film. And that happens when you open the book teenagers demons and begin to invoke demonic spirits all around the place.

12 Saw


These 7 films reveal a horror story with a very important psychological burden. Jiwsag show history and macabre game that holds many deaths and pure terror.

13. Psicosis


From classic films, Hitchcock’s Psycho shows excellent work of talent and sheer terror. With a very terrifying psychotic analysis.