9 easy tricks to paint your nails

Meet and surprised with these 9 wonderful tricks to paint your nails that will make it easier to fix when life and have an original and unique look.

All women know how difficult it is nail polish, and most of all, when we try to do some “nail art” or different nail decorations to help you have a very original and striking look. Some people prefer to go to beauty salons and barbershops for this type of manicure with decorations and pay a little more for incredible arrangements.

But with these 9 tricks that we bring you today, you can make the craziest decorations that cross through your head just a little imagination and pulse. Also they are quite fast, allowing you to try new styles that will make you look chic and sophisticated. All in a matter of minutes.

Here we leave these 9 tricks for your nail art


1. With a scouring pad lets you create a gradient nail an incredible effect



2. With an invisible hook you can make dots of different colors to your nails.


3. With an invisible hook you can make dots of different colors to your nails….



4. With small stickers can generate a chrome effect with two strong colors that stand out, though, do not forget to remove it slowly.



5. A great image to black and white, a little pulse is required but will be amazing.



6. With mesh and a sponge you can design wonderful nails with an original style.



7. Tapes can cover your fingers and create a style somewhat messy but only



8. The tapes also can be placed on top of the nail and form geometric shapes with them.



9. With some plastic polish smeared with gold you can give your nails a fantastic effect.