13 dogs were convicted

Our pets are the best in the world, we have always filled us with joy and happiness since she joined us. But dog owners really will relate to this article. For as they are tender, are walking a small earthquake. So we collected the best photos of dogs convicted

And it is that our canine friends are full tenderness. But also, they can become a destructive potential. Although as caretakers of these little friends, no way to punish them severely, if you have to educate them to not accustomed to do such damage. But yes, do not forget to take the picture of these little pranks.

Love and care for an animal makes us better people, since it teaches you the value of friendship and responsibility to care for someone who always need you. And teach you total fidelity in this way. Always with great care and love, they can take care of all animals, since all always looking for a person to care for them and this earrings.

We try, which have few animals abandoned in the street. You always have to fight for all living beings are well and safe, and what better than in a home where they can care. If you have pets, adopt, it is an excellent choice.

And meanwhile, we show our dogs convicted 23

Ups … We’re just talking !!


But with that face! Any forgives


Although they end all our magazines.


And in some cases, the guilt is shared


So they also look from time to time if they are in trouble


So they also look from time to time if they are in trouble…


They are not demanding, can destroy pillows, or play with earth …


and in any case, always worth laughing at his antics


In this case, our friend is going to eat this sandwich .. but regrets notice  What?


And because they are always alert to any scolding


But in the end we love, despite what messes.


And always will be very tender