11 famous companies that start in a garage

If you love the world of business and are a born entrepreneur, you’ll love this article. We show you the 11 best entrepreneurial ideas that have been seen in the world. And we invite you to know the beginnings of these 11 companies today are global benchmarks in their areas.

That’s right, monsters such as Apple and Microsoft did not start with this great and strong team we know today. And the curious thing about these companies is that all began in a garage. Meet the 11 stories of entrepreneurship that will teach you, and began one of the largest companies in the world.

And if you are an entrepreneur, why not try it ?. All these examples of success will show that with hard work and dedication anything is possible. It’s just a matter of fighting for your dreams, and you do not believe us, know the 11 stories of the most important businessmen in the world.

1. Apple


This company takes the lead in innovation with everything related to technology, today the iPhone, the iPad and iPhone are among the best sellers on earth. Now they started in the garage of the parents of Steve Jobs in 1976. This company was created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wosniak, who joined after leaving their jobs at Atari and HP respectively. And to start, they made 30 computers by hand.

2. Amazon


The world’s most recognized online store, also started in a garage. This company started in 1994 as a shop to sell books online. They worked from the garage of founder Jeff Bezos in Princeton, New Jersey. And initially it was called cadabra.com also used this garage as a warehouse of books. His first book was sold in 1995. The project grew rapidly and began to cover sales of all types of products. The owner spent $ 40,000 to sell and about 48 countries bring their products. Gradually he became the company’s e-commerce world’s largest. The company also has a department of technological development where drones are working for deliveries in 2013 and owners of US newspaper The Washington Post were.

3. Lotus cars


This amazing company that today is one of the most important in the manufacture of racing cars United Kingdom. It began in 1984 in the garage of the father of the creator Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman. That same year, the first Lotus car was built. Currently, the company sells thousands of cars such as the Lotus Exiges, Lotus Elise and Lotus Evora.

4. Nike


This company is recognized worldwide for the sale of sporting goods and mainly sports shoes, he did not even have a garage. The company that began in 1964, founded by Philip Knight and Bill Bowerman sold their shoes from the trunk of his car. Nike between 1964 and 1978 was known as Blue Ribbon Sports.

Another story in the early Nike is one of its founders, Bowerman created the soles of Nike shoes, tucking a piece of rubber in his wife’s waffle iron, hence the name of Waffle Trainer in 1970.

5. Disney


The company’s most important animation world was also born in a garage. In 1923 the brothers Walt and Roy Disney lived with his uncle. And in the garage where barely fit a car, they placed the first Disney studio. Until the opening scenes were filmed Alice in Wonderland.

6. Google


The world’s most famous search engine began to take place in a garage, all could define this as a blank page with a bar to get what is wanted, but behind this we find one of the largest technology companies in the world, within google services is gmail, Google Maps, google Earth and google Chrome up.

The beginning of this dream was in a garage, two Stanford students Larry Page and Sergey Brin started its work in 1996, his office was a garage that a friend rented Susan Wojcicki. They rented for $ 1,700 a month, with this you could pay your mortgage. There had about all the servers and work plan. Today is headquartered in California and is called Googleplex and Mrs. Susan Wojcicki is part of the company since founding. He is vice president of advertising management.

7. Microsoft


The masters of operating systems also began in a garage. Paul Allen and Bill Gates met at the private Lakeside School. There they met and in 1975 founded what is now known as Microsoft and were located in the family garage Gates family. His first license was sold to IBM for 80,000 dollars and then developed products much better to become owners of the empire of operating systems.

8. Harley Davidson


Harley Davidson was founded by William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson. This began in 1901 when Harley the possibility of putting an engine on his bike to go faster was raised. In two years, he and his friend were designing the first motor bike, motorcycle and in 1903 called the company Harley Davidson was created.

9. HP


Of the first technology companies that were born in a garage was Hewlett Packard. In the city of Palo Alto, California in the years 1938-39. Its founders were William Hewlett and David Packard, with 538 dollars and began making numerous electronic devices including an audio oscillator that was sold to Disney. From there the great company we know today was created.

Hewlett Packard currently competes in the technology industry with various products and electronic devices including computers, calculators, printers are, etc.

10 Youtube


In 2005, the founders of this site Chad Hurley and Steve Chen went to a Valentine party to be held in California. At the time they met with former colleagues who worked in PayPal and found that there was no way to distribute videos of meetings with people over the Internet. They joined Jawed Karim and created the website Youtube.com, and all this was done in the garage of Hurley.

11 Mattel


The creators of Barbie, also born in a garage. Ruth and Elliot Handler, were partners in a course in industrial design, started his business in the garage of one of them. They began making wooden frames and then began making dolls’ houses and other children’s toys. Seeing that this market not driving anyone, they began to make a doll with features of adult woman. Thus it was born in the first 50 barbie.