15 Chinese Imitations very funny

We bring you these 15 curious Chinese imitations that are really funny and be surprised with the amount of products that exist today, and to become more recognized, they tend to have the logo similar to famous brands around the globe.

Many reached to play with this version of the PlayStation, ie the Polystation. But this imitation product is just the tip of the iceberg of many companies and likewise thousands of products that try to hang the success of brands worldwide. Depending on the country, there are regulations against the similarity of rules and marks the launch of new products, but this is not the case in China.

China, a country with the world’s largest industry, and with too many people per square meter, has led the industry to be quite competitive. Beyond this, many businesses and maquilas dedicated to creating various products have imitated these brands and the result was really funny. So here we leave this curious 15 Chinese imitations.

A very original way to confuse, these batteries SQNY


Who needs an Xbox 360 if you can have the P x 3600imitaciones-chinas-14

Replacing an N by M is very effective.


This dog was not called Snoopy?


Adidas is one of the most pirated brands on the market


Another good solution is to mix the letters of the product name.


And this was .. a little change of color on computers.


One of the most common in this confusion, Super Mix Heroes.


As we can see in these bags.


A Manicure Set ?


And the famous Polystation!


Which of the two left the freshest teeth?


And if there Rexona deodorant, ¿Why can not exist deodorant Roxana?


Hugo Boss Hoss or Bugo ¿Somebody tell the difference ??


And if Starbucks is so famous in the world, in China, is famous Sunbucks Coffee.imitaciones-chinas-1