Before – After the characters “Chavo del 8”

Learn how they have come to change the actors who played the characters of the series Chavo del Ocho, and be amazed with the history of some of his most famous characters around time.

For all people in Latin America, is well known series Chavo del 8. We all laughed with innocent kid jokes and comments out of tune with Quico and his particular way to mourn and Chilindrina and antics of little girl . Who dreamed not see a teacher kiss Jirafales and Dona Florinda, or see Don Ramón pay 14 months of rent that was always meant?

Well, those glory years have passed, and the series held on January 6, 1980. And even today, still continues to see El Chavo del 8 in many parts of the world, their characters have changed over time. Today we want to make a memorable tribute to these characters 40 years later and see their changes.

Jaimito el Cartero


The actor Raul Padilla, played the role of the postman Louie in the series. Born in 1918 he participated in over 40 films and died in 1994. That same year, Tangamandapio in Michoacan, placed a statue of two meters of this character.

La bruja del 71


Angelines Fernandez presented Witch 71. Born in Spain in 1922 and died in 1994 for lung cancer.

Don Ramón


Ramon Valdez, representing Don Ramon. He was born in 1923, and was the only actor who died while filming the series in 1988, but had withdrawn from the series because of differences with Florinda Meza in 1979. He died of stomach cancer.

El señor Barriga


Edgar Vivar represents two very important characters for the series. Mr. Barriga and Ñoño, today is 66 years and in 2008 had to have a surgery to remove stomach ailments overweight.

Profesor Jirafales


Rubén Aguirre starred in the series as Professor Jirafales. Now 80 and announced his retirement from the stage in 2013.

Doña Florinda


Florinda Meza performed the role of Doña Florinda and Popis. She was the wife of Roberto Gomez Bolaños and now shocked the world with his youthful image despite his 65 years.



Carlos Villagran represented Quico or Kiko. At 70 still he involved in two realities for the Mexican television.

La Chilindrina


This character was played by Maria Antonieta de las Nieves. She had a circus and a legal problem for the rights of the character too. It has been 64 years now, he has done characters dubbing Ralph Demolisher.

El Chavo del 8


El Chavo del 8, played by Chespirito, the creator of the series. He made characters like Chapatin, and the red Chapulín. He died on November 28, 2014