9 beautiful tattoos for lovers

Discover these 9 beautiful tattoos for lovers. And surprised with how creative and original people can be to create and design these tattoos for lovers.

For many people, perform these acts of love may be too risky. Since in many cases, relationships do not last forever. And then, these tattoos become painful memories of the previous couple and promises made when tattooed on the other.

But hey, this is part of the follies of love. And if there are people considering a tattoo with your partner made, either the name or are different symbols that represent both are within their rights. And we hope that these relations through which so beautiful and real things like tattoos on the skin, for life are made. Also last for a long time, not having to fight against this same design after your body

Meanwhile, we leave you these 9 beautiful tattoos for lovers

1. Promise


2. Forever


3. Mickey and Minnie Mouse


4. Cup of Tea


5. Birds


6. Mickey and Minnie Mouse 2


7. Mickey y Minnie


8. Follow me and I will follow you


9. Lock and Key