9 Actors and Actresses who almost Died filming

We’ll tell you what were the 9 actors and actresses who were on the verge of death in the shooting of films.
Surely you are also fan to the cinema like us. And yes, clearly we love the characters, scenes and moments that will remain forever etched in our memory, but we can not deny that it is an art that yields much connection with actresses and actors. Whether it’s because they’re handsome, humorous, funny, cranky and eccentric steal our attention, the fact is that they, along with our favorite movies will always have a special place in our hearts.
Therefore, we must always remember that these stars are at high risk when they are in particular rolling tape. It may be because they are subjected to strong changes to perform their roles or have to make scenes where they can get hurt not only physically but also emotionally. Here we show some examples of which cases were more commotion generated. Let’s see:

Jennifer Lawrence in “Mockingjay Part I”

Creative Commons/ Dave Eckelman

This beautiful star, which in fact is the highest paid actress in the world, had certain disadvantages when he recorded “Mockingjay, Part 1”, the first installment of the end of the saga of The Hunger Games. In a scene where she must be inside a tunnel, Lawrence finished choking on the smoke coming from one of the machines. Because of this recording was suspended the day.

George Clooney in “Syriana”


Creative Commons/ Courtney

What was it that happened to this handsome actor? He had an injury to the spine causing him terrible pain. So much so that even in an interview came to confess that he was about to commit suicide by the great discomfort that this caused him.

Halle Berry in “The Last Call”


Creative Commons/ Gooseberries203

During one of the action scenes, there was a time when the actress fell and hit his head strongly. Immediately Oscar winner was taken to hospital, and although it did not happen anything serious, the scene was removed from the script.

Sylvester Stallone in “Rocky 4”


Creative Commons/ Canburak

I could not expect less from a film in which the protagonist is boxing. As we know, this is a sport that has its risks, and of course, the actor was the victim of this. Wanting to leave a scene as real as possible, Stallone asked one of his opponents to hit him with all forces. The companion followed his instructions so well that our Rocky ended up in hospital on the verge of cardiac arrest.

Margaret Hamilton in “The Wizard of Oz”


Creative Commons/ Tim Gerdes

This poor witch was hospitalized after suffering third-degree burns on his hands, and second in the face. This occurred because there was a scene in which his character had to disappear through a cloud of smoke incinerated with oil.

Jackie Chan in “invincible Weapons”


Creative Commons/ Cine Fanatico

Although this star is of the few that does not require dubbing at the time of the action scenes, you should know that also fell at risk. During the filming of this movie, should jump on a metal pole and slide between bulbs exploding around him, and in doing so, the actor’s seventh and eighth injured vertebra, pelvis, dislocated and he had burns on his hands .

Charlize Theron in “Aeon Flux”


Creative Commons/ Paramount Pictures Germany

In one scene of the film this beautiful artist should make a jump around the body back, and in trying to achieve, ended up in hospital after breaking his neck. In fact, the shooting was suspended for eight weeks.

Jason Statham in “The Expendables 3”


Creative Commons/ Melissa David

And this itself is to die of fright! While filming the movie, Statham will truck brakes failed and ended up leading turning to the sea. And although he managed to swim to the shore and out to be rescued, the risk was very high, we can not deny it.

Johnny Depp in “The Lone Ranger”


Creative Commons/ Aumanack Diversão sem limite

Throughout this film, there was a scene in which Deep was acting with his horse but something went wrong: the actor suffered a terrible fall and the creature, frightened, dragged several meters. The tender of the matter is that the animal, being walked, leaped and walked away.